The team behind Kiln

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Meet the Leadership team:

Laszlo Szabo (@laszlo__szabo), CEO

Laszlo is the co-founder and CEO of Kiln, bringing staking as a service to all institutions.
Prior to Kiln, Laszlo was the co-founder of tech recruitment firm Skill Hunter. He began to take an interest in crypto in 2014.

Ernest Oppetit (@ernopp), CPO

Ernest is the cofounder and CPO of Kiln. Prior to Kiln, Ernest was a product manager at Improbable and Qubit. He's the most English of all the French, London is the city where he grew up.

Meet the Software team:

Sébastien Rannou (@aimxhaisse),
Principal Engineer

Sébastien is Pricipal Engineer at Kiln. With more than 10 years of experience, he started his career at Scaleway and then at Google. He is now leading a team of 10+ engineers. Contributing to the Ethereum ecosystem, he has already written few articles in partnership with the Foundation.

Arno Simon (@arnosimo),
Senior Front-end Engineer

Arno is our Fullstack engineer at Kiln. He is passionate about creating exceptional user experiences and interfaces for our customers, leading our efforts on the Kiln various applications such as the Kiln Dashboard and Ledger dApp. In his commitment to giving back to the community, he has contributed by releasing open-source tools like Minitel and Bageth.

Goulin Khoge (@GoulinKH),
Full-stack Engineer

Goulin stands at the helm of the vSuite Explorer project at Kiln, leading a pivotal initiative to enhance user interaction with Kiln's Ethereum On-Chain ecosystem. As a full-stack engineer, his role is instrumental in enhancing the Kiln On-Chain platform to offer a more intuitive and efficient user interface.

Meet the Product team:

Loïc Titren (@pwnh4),
Senior Product Manager

Loïc Titren is a product manager at Kiln. He is one of the very first employees since he joined Kiln before completing his studies at Epitech. Skillful, he started as an engineer before supporting Ernest on product.

Glenn Brown (@blocchaine),
Head of Product - Ethereum

Glenn is an experienced Product Manager with a background at Six Digital Exchange (SDX), DrumG, and Mimecast. He joined Kiln to lead the OnChain platform and to work with customers to develop the best staking solutions in the market.

Edgar Roth (@roth_edgar),
Protocol Specialist

Edgar - protocol specialist at Kiln - previously served as an analyst at Ledger. With years of experience in the field, Edgar brings valuable insights and expertise to Kiln's team and our partners on blockchain protocols, bolstering our collaborations with foundations and enhancing our industry contributions.

Martin Germain,
Product Manager

Martin is a seasoned product manager with a track record of delivering customer-facing payment and staking products at Worldline and Ledger. He is now dedicated to making the Ethereum ecosystem more accessible for investors, developers, and end-users.

Meet the EVM team:

Iulian Rotaru (@m_rtimr),
Principal Engineer

Iulian has been actively involved in Ethereum and the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) since 2016 and has become one of the most prominent smart contract developers in the space.
Among his notable accomplishments, Iulian spearheaded the development of the Kiln On-Chain release, which is recognized as the first Ethereum white-labeled staking solution entirely managed on-chain. This innovative solution has gained significant traction and is now utilized by Ledger, with more than 50,000 ETH staked within just six months.

Gauthier Mayer (@gauthiermyr),
Smart Contract Engineer

Gauthier is a smart contract engineer at Kiln. He has been involved for several years in StakeDAO, a DeFi protocol for which he worked on subjects related to crypto derivatives (Options, DOVs, etc) and on the Curve Wars. He joined Kiln to focus on Ethereum staking and on Smart Contract Development. He is currently working on several subjects such as Ethereum Staking pooling, Validator Tokenization and smart-contract indexing and monitoring.

Mathieu Willay (@impermanentW),
Smart Contract Engineer

Mathieu is one of Kiln's smart contract engineers. While working in the renewable energy and photovoltaic sectors before joining Kiln, he fell into the Web3 rabbit hole. In order to accelerate his learning curve and contribute to this exciting field, he has actively contributed to open source codebases, and participated in multiple hackathons and CTFs since then.

Maxime Brugel (@0xaxxe),
Senior Smart Contracts Engineer

Maxime is a Senior Smart Contract Engineer at Kiln. He has been actively involved in several DeFi projects since 2020 as a core developer and helped build multiple applications from smart contracts development to game theory mechanisms going through interoperability and security.He then joined Nested Finance and tackled innovative Web3 topics such as account abstraction and HyVM as soon as 2021. Maxime joined the team in 2023 to contribute to the Kiln On-Chain suite of products.