The team behind Kiln

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Laszlo Szabo (@laszlo__szabo), CEO

Laszlo Szabo is the co-founder and CEO of Kiln, bringing staking as a service to all institutions.
Prior to Kiln, Laszlo was the co-founder of tech recruitment firm Skill Hunter. He began to take an interest in crypto in 2014.

Ernest Oppetit (@ernopp), CPO

Ernest Oppetit is the cofounder and CPO of Kiln. Prior to Kiln, Ernest was a product manager at Improbable and Qubit. He's the most English of all the French, London is the city where he grew up.

Sébastien Rannou (@aimxhaisse),
Lead Engineer

Sébastien Rannou is the lead engineer at Kiln. With more than 10 years of experience, he started his career at Scaleway and then at Google. He is now leading a team of 10+ engineers. Contributing to the Ethereum ecosystem, he already written two articles in partnership with the Foundation.

Emmanuel Nalepa (@manunalepa),
Senior Infrastructure Engineer

Emmanuel Nalepa is a senior infrastructure engineer at Kiln. He has over 12+ years of expertise on Cloud Computing (AWS, GCP) and containers (Docker, Kubernetes, ECS). Highly involved in the Ethereum ecosystem, he contributes actively to Prysm Consensus Client as part of the Ethereum Protocol Fellowship training program.

Glenn Brown (@blocchaine),
Senior Product Manager

Glenn Brown is an experienced Product Manager with a background at Six Digital Exchange (SDX), DrumG, and Mimecast. He joined Kiln to lead the OnChain platform and to work with customers to develop the best staking solutions in the market

Loïc Titren (@pwnh4), Senior Product Manager

Loïc Titren is a product manager at Kiln. He is one of the very first employees since he joined Kiln before completing his studies at Epitech. Skillful, he started as an engineer before supporting Ernest on product.

Luca Georges Francois (@0xpanoramix), Protocol Specialist

Luca is a french blockchain protocol developer currently working at Kiln (previously Polygon, He's one of the most active contributors to Flashbots MEV-Boost and passionate about Zero-Knowledge Proof and L2 Rollups.