Staking made easy for Exchanges

Cryptocurrency exchanges are the gateways for retail and institutions to access the crypto ecosystem. They allow customers to trade fiat currency (ie. € or $) for crypto assets.

Exchanges have been evolving into one-stop shops for users to buy, custody, trade, and generate yields from their crypto assets, all while using the same exchange platform.

Top exchanges have been releasing staking features answering the growing call from their users, making staking an essential feature of their platforms.

3 reasons of integrating Kiln products in your exchange

Access all protocols with a single solution

Power staking for all applicable protocols within a single solution.

Diversify opportunities

Diversify your Earn product with safer yields than CeFi and more predictable rates than DeFi.

Grow AUM and decrease churn

Within the competitive exchange market, staking helps with user acquisition and retention as one of the stickiest product.

Staking is a core primitive of this new world: by enabling asset owners to use their stake to secure the network and earn a yield doing so, staking preserves decentralisation and provides returns. It is the Internet bond.


Kiln is the only solution that seamlessly embeds staking for all PoS chains within any exchange, boosting AUM growth and preventing user churn:

  • Crypto users are always looking for alternative and new ways to generate yields from their assets

    Staking is safer than CeFi and more stable and predictable (and sometimes profitable) than DeFi.

  • Launching a staking offering is not to be taken lightly

    It requires management and monitoring of a proper staking infrastructure and its underlying stakes which is often valued in the millions of dollars.

    Staking operations require a dedicated infrastructure and software team whose mission is to ensure  the validators’ performance and uptime.

  • Watching the ecosystem and choosing the right protocols to support

    What protocols to support, how to implement and then maintain them with regards to core business activities.


Kiln solves all the above painpoints offering:

  • One solution and staking flow for all protocols

    Kiln has built an SDK enabling standardized staking & unstaking transaction formats for any protocol, easing the pain of adding a new protocol while offering the easiest staking flow to your users.

  • Built-in rewards management and consolidated reporting data
    • Automated rewards and commissions management
    • Staking rewards data
  • A single solution for all protocols

    Support for all main PoS and dPoS protocols through standardized operations, Automate rewards and commission management through UI, API or smart-contract.

  • Rely on an enterprise-grade service

    Kiln guarantees a 99% uptime infrastructure & rewards rate, and offer third-party slashing coverage.

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What are the benefits of using Kiln staking for a custody solution?

1 format
To manage all protocols

making it easy to add staking for new tokens

Rewards guarantee

All stakes and rewards are safe

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