Staking made easy for exchanges

Exchanges are the first point of contact for most crypto investors, offering an on-ramp and access to assets.
Offering staking is a natural next step, enabling users to get rewarded.

3 reasons to integrate Kiln products in your exchange

Access all protocols with a single solution

Power staking for all applicable protocols within a single solution.

Diversify opportunities

Diversifying your product with safer rewards than CeFi and more predictable rates than DeFi.

Grow AUM and decrease churn

Staking helps with user acquisition and churn reduction in the competitive exchange market

Staking is a core primitive of this new world: by enabling asset owners to use their stake to secure the network and to be rewarded while doing so, staking preserves decentralisation.


Building and maintaining staking in-house has significant challenges:

  • Implementing and maintaining staking support requires large, ongoing investment from your engineering team.

  • Securing and updating validator and rewards data infrastructure is a 24/7 job.

  • Building expertise on staking to advise clients and understand each protocol’s risk profile is a large endeavor.


Kiln helps you tackle these challenges by:

  • Offering one unified solution to integrate all major PoS protocols: integration SDK, rewards data management, and staking infrastructure.

  • Managing staking and rewards data infrastructure.

  • Interoperating with your existing infrastructure and validator services.

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What are the benefits of using Kiln staking for your exchange

to manage all PoS protocols

no marginal effort to add staking for new protocols

Guaranteed rewards rate

and slashing coverage

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