Stake and restake your ETH hassle-free:

lowest fees



lowest fees

Effortlessly access ETH rewards through native staking in less than a minute.

Through the Kiln dApp you can easily and securely stake and restake your 32+ ETH and start earning rewards.

  • Competitive fees set at just 8%
  • Restaking strategies on the main AVS
  • Permissionless and non-custodial: Just connect your wallet
  • Benefit from an enterprise-grade staking infrastructure

More protocols coming in 2024!

Why (re)stake ETH with Kiln?

A comprehensive professional staking interface for everyone


Publicly accessible dApp. No need to create an account, just connect your wallet and that’s it!

Fully non-custodial

Your keys, your stakes. Only you have the rights to access your stake positions.

Enterprise-grade service

99% uptime guarantee with Kiln’s enterprise-grade SLAs

1-click (re)staking

Streamlined user experience. Just connect your wallet and (re)stake in 1 click.

What is restaking?

Restaking allows staked ETH (either validators or liquid staking tokens) to contribute to the economic security of other protocols while maintaining the same stakes.

This allows them to secure both the Ethereum network and applications on EigenLayer called Active Validated Services (AVSs) to support various functionalities like Layer-2 protocols or decentralized applications.

Stake and restake your ETH in less than a minute

Integrate protocols faster to offer staking on all PoS networks

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Use our 1-click staking dApp to start (re)staking
ETH in a permissionless manner

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Are you part of an organization?

Kiln Enterprise Dashboard

Organizations have unique needs when it comes to staking their assets. Whether it's managing strategies collectively as a single entity with multiple members or staking assets via their preferred custody solution or wallets.

That's why we've developed a specialized interface for staking, reporting, and comprehensive insights—all accessible for your entire team.

Available on top 10+ PoS chains


 What is the Kiln dApp?

The Kiln dApp is a blockchain-based application that enables users to engage in the staking process. This application directly interfaces with the blockchain, enabling users to stake their digital assets through the dApp and earn rewards. With its user-friendly interface, users can connect their wallets, select the amount to stake, and manage their staked assets, facilitating an easy and efficient process. Through the Kiln dApp, users can earn rewards generated from transaction fees, block rewards, or other incentive mechanisms designed by blockchain networks.

What are the main advantages of Kiln dApp?

Key advantages of the Kiln dApp include:

  • 1-Click staking: Simplified user experience—connect your wallet and stake in a single click.
  • Permissionless: Publicly accessible the dApp without the need for account creation—simply connect your wallet to get started.
  • Lower Fees: Our Ethereum staking service costs at least 20% less than other leading providers. 
  • Enterprise-Grade Service: Validators operate on our SOC2-certified, multi-cloud, multi-region infrastructure, backed by uptime guarantee SLAs.
  • Non-Custodial: You retain exclusive access rights to your stake positions.

What is the reward rate I should expect to receive?

The Kiln dApp displays the average reward rate of all Kiln validators from the past 30 days, excluding fees. It represents the annualized percentage of rewards generated by all validators in relation to the total staked amount, excluding fees.

What is Kiln’s commission?

Kiln takes full responsibility for managing and operating the validator on your behalf in return for a fee. The current fee for this service is 8% of total rewards.

How quickly can I access the Kiln dApp?

What are the protocols available to stake in the Kiln dApp?

Currently you can stake ETH (any multiple of 32) via the dApp, more protocols will be available soon.

How to stake on Kiln dApp?

  • Connect a wallet with 32 ETH or more
  • Before staking, read and fully understand the 'terms and conditions' and product documentation to ensure you are familiar with how the product works
  • Use the slider to select the amount you wish to stake and press 'stake'
  • Follow all the on-screen prompts to review and confirm the transaction on your wallet UI

What is Restaking?

Restaking refers to the concept of using existing economic security, such as staked ETH, to secure additional applications, which are called AVSs. As an incentive to provide this additional work, validators are rewarded with additional (re)staking rewards.

What is EigenLayer?

AEigenLayer invented the concept of restaking on Ethereum. It is a protocol built on top of Ethereum designed to enhance the economic utility of staked ETH by allowing users to leverage their existing Ethereum stakes to secure additional protocols and applications without requiring additional collateral.

By doing so, EigenLayer aims to create a marketplace of decentralised trust that connects restakers, operators, and builders. This initiative offers additional advantages to ETH holders, aiming to make the blockchain landscape more interconnected and efficient, thereby enriching the overall Ethereum experience.

 Is Kiln dApp audited?

Yes, Kiln dApp is using a set of smart contracts to receive and dispatch the rewards earned by your validator(s). This contract has been audited several times by notorious auditors such as Spearbit, Consensys Diligence, and the Ledger Donjon.

How do I get support if needed?

  • Tap ‘Contact us’ at the bottom of the Kiln dApp
  • Register an account on the Kiln support page
  • File a support ticket with the following attributes
    a. Email
    b. Title
    c. Description
    d. Category (Kiln dApp)