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SCRYPT Digital partners with Kiln to offer greater yield opportunities to its customers

SCRYPT Digital is a Swiss-regulated company offering a single point of access to digital assets. In partnership with leading providers, SCRYPT Digital offers a complete best-in-class suite of services to institutions, including execution, custody, staking, market making and investment.

SCRYPT Digital supports institutions looking to earn yields through staking, and manages the whole process securely. They use their own nodes, custody and leading staking infrastructure providers – minimizing risks and maximizing returns.

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SCRYPT Digital allows institutions to generate attractive yields on a portfolio of Proof-of-Stake protocols, starting with Ethereum, Solana, Near and Polkadot.

By working with Kiln we were able to supercharge our yield offering - quickly responding to the growing demand of our clients.

Working alongside their team has been smooth, easy, and enjoyable - we've thoroughly appreciated their support along the way and look forward to jointly building our yield services.



The latest events in the spring of 2022 have proven that generating a yield on a digital asset portfolio may involve significant risks, particularly in centralized finance (”CeFi”).

In contrast, staking offers investors the opportunity to generate highly predictable, sustainable and superior risk-adjusted yields on Proof-of-Stake protocols. On top of an attractive yield, staking allows investors to actively contribute to the security of the blockchain; the cornerstone of a “Web 3.0” decentralized internet.

Offering solutions at each step of the customer’s digital assets journey enables SCRYPT Digital to retain current clients as well as acquire new ones.

Customer profile

  • Kiln dashboard and validators
  • OTC Execution & Market-Making
  • Switzerland
  • Providing deep liquidity and superior execution


SCRYPT Digital offers an additional yield opportunity with Kiln staking:

  • Instead of spending resources on building an in-house staking infrastructure, SCRYPT Digital chose to leverage Kiln's enterprise-grade infrastructure and software.

  • Due to the fact that Kiln is non-custodial and fully compatible with all the leading custody solutions, SCRYPT Digital is able to operate from the same Fireblocks workspace as usual. Using our turnkey solution, it only took the SCRYPT Digital Team a few minutes to create an account on the Kiln dashboard and scan the Wallet Connect QR code within the Fireblocks app. A few clicks later, SCRYPT Digital was actively staking Ethereum.

  • Beyond Ethereum, the SCRYPT Digital team is now looking to add protocols such as Near, Polkadot, Solana and Fantom.

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