How does Flowdesk make the most of Kiln's staking products?

Flowdesk has developed a low-latency trading infrastructure connected to more than 80 centralized and decentralized exchanges. On top of their market-making services, they also provide a wide range of services, including brokerage, custody and treasury management.

With the addition of staking to their treasury management product, Flowdesk unlocks additional revenue streams for their customers. Flowdesk runs its own validators through the Kiln Staking Dashboard and also integrates Kiln’s white-label staking solution for its users.

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Flowdesk has been running Ethereum validators with its crypto-treasury funds and accumulating ETH rewards with Kiln in the months leading up to the Merge. As customers' demand for staking intensifies, it is a natural choice for us to leverage Kiln’s products for them as well.



With the growing need for accessible staking options for reliable yields on crypto assets, Flowdesk has chosen to work with Kiln to offer their customers the best products to do so. Whether in a bear market or with prices skyrocketing, getting the most out of your crypto is important to all investors. This is why Kiln offers secure and dependable staking opportunities for platforms like Flowdesk.

Through Kiln’s staking services, Flowdesk customers can make the most out of their unused assets without the need for ground up development of staking products. This takes away the essential barrier of having to use their engineering resources, earning more while maintaining the security assured by the Kiln staking platform.

Customer profile

  • Direct staking and White-labeled staking solutions
  • Crypto market-maker, OTC & Brokerage, Custody and treasury management
  • France, Singapore
  • Transforming the crypto financial industry by bringing more transparency and control


Flowdesk uses both direct and white-labeled products to cover all their staking needs:

  • Flowdesk uses the Kiln Dashboard to stake its treasury assets in a few clicks while maintaining custody of their assets in Fireblocks.

  • Flowdesk also uses the Kiln API to enable white-labeled staking and automated rewards reporting.

  • Kiln has enabled Flowdesk and their customers to benefit from crypto’s native yield, while maintaining full control of their assets in the custody solution of their choice.

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