Staking made easy for Custody Solutions

Don’t reinvent the wheel.

Integrate Kiln’s products in your custody solution to seamlessly offer staking on all major PoS chains and earn a share of staking revenue.

Our products are compatible with any custody solution.

Stake from your favorite/existing custody solution with Kiln

Kiln staking SDK is compatible with any custody solution, reach out to embdedd staking with Kiln in your custody solution interface.

3 reasons to integrate Kiln products in your custody solution

Unified staking SDK

One simple SDK for crafting staking/unstaking transactions, validators, and rewards management on all major PoS blockchains. Save your engineering time for more differentiating projects!

Enterprise-grade service

Benefit from a SOC2 compliant staking solution relying on a state-of-the-art validators infrastructure, fully managed in-house by our team of expert DevOps.

Fully automated

Fully automate rewards and commission flows through our on-chain smart contracts products.

Staking is a core primitive of this new world: by enabling asset owners to use their stake to secure the network and earn a yield doing so, staking preserves decentralisation.

Integrate all major protocols faster and offer staking with a single API

Integrate staking in your Custody Solution


Building and maintaining an in-house staking offering for a custody solution takes time and resources:

  • Custom integrations due to each protocol’s different transaction formats, performance metrics, and rewards data formats.

  • Ongoing maintenance once you integrate a protocol, you need to maintain it. This takes engineering time that could be spent on delivering new projects.

  • Securing infrastructure in an adversarial environment while guaranteeing uptime.


Kiln solves all the above pain points with:

  • One unified SDK for crafting transactions on all major PoS blockchains with all node-providers.

  • Guaranteed uptime SLA on all protocols running on our SOC2 Type II certified infrastructure.

  • Fully automated rewards and commission flows through our on-chain smart contracts products

  • Increased revenues and transparency and decreased costs and operational costs

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All major protocols supported:

Why use Kiln to integrate staking?

Estimated time saved

versus building in-house

Full time engineers

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As we anticipate sustained growth and increasing demand for staking ahead of the Dencun upgrade, we're excited to partner with Kiln to provide our customers with the best institutional staking service that's fully integrated with our custody solution.

Idan Ofrat - Fireblocks
Idan Ofrat, co-founder and CTO at Fireblocks
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