Komainu partners with Kiln to offer staking, initially on Ethereum and Tezos.

Komainu partners with Kiln to offer staking, initially on Ethereum and Tezos.

Komainu, a leading provider of digital asset custody solutions, is excited to announce the integration of Kiln's comprehensive staking suite of products. This integration allows Komainu to offer its institutional clients seamless access to staking services, further enhancing its unmatched custody infrastructure and services.

Through this strategic partnership, private banks, financial institutions, pension funds, and other institutional investors can now easily use Kiln to engage in staking on Ethereum and Tezos directly from Komainu. By participating in staking and contributing to the security of blockchain networks, clients have the opportunity to earn rewards while adding to decentralization.

With the integration of Kiln's staking suite, users can confidently stake their assets from secure Komainu custody, providing a great user experience and level of security. 

This partnership showcases Komainu's ongoing commitment to delivering innovative solutions and empowering their customers to make the most of their digital assets through secure staking opportunities.

Why did Komainu choose Kiln as their staking technology provider?

Komainu has selected Kiln as one of its preferred staking providers for a multitude of reasons, with Kiln’s Ledger Enterprise and Fireblocks integrations being a major one.

Furthermore, Kiln’s track record as the leading institutional staking provider for Ethereum adds a significant layer of assurance for Komainu. Our standing as a long-term operator on the Ethereum Beacon Chain, running approximately 3% of the network, underscores our deep-rooted expertise in the field. 

Kiln Connect, which includes a reporting API, has empowered Komainu to integrate reporting features for its users seamlessly, offering comprehensive information about their client’s stakes and rewards.

‘We are delighted to be working with Kiln, further bolstering our institutional staking offering. Their staking expertise and product suite help us to better service the needs of our clients. We are very impressed by the agility of their technical teams, capable of adapting to our specific requirements.’  — Matteo Carminati, Senior Product Manager at Komainu

‘I am thrilled to welcome Komainu as a valued client of Kiln. Their choice to partner with us as one of their staking providers demonstrates their trust in our services. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional solutions and supporting them in reaching their staking objectives.’  — Laszlo Szabo, CEO and Co-founder of Kiln

Understanding the staking opportunity

In PoS blockchains, staking consists of locking native tokens to earn the right to help secure the chain via a validator. Validators review and approve blocks proposed by other validators, and bundle transactions together to propose new blocks when they are selected to do so. Through these activities, validators can earn rewards for stakers who commit part of their assets. 

Staking is therefore considered to be the most natural way to earn rewards in the crypto space as the rewards stem from helping secure the chain. Rewards are paid out from protocol inflation and a share of transaction fees. 

By staking, token holders can earn rewards and grow their digital asset holdings. Staking plays a crucial role in network security, governance, and contributes to the growth of the Web3 ecosystem as a whole.

About Komainu

Komainu is a regulated digital asset custodian built by institutions for institutions and created as a joint venture between Nomura, digital asset manager CoinShares, and digital asset security company Ledger. Offering multi-asset support with regulatory compliance, Komainu is merging traditional financial services with leading security standards for the next generation of institutional custody. Staking services offered by Komainu are subject to the permitted activities as per licensing authorities in the licensed jurisdiction. Headquartered in Jersey and with offices in London, Dublin, Dubai, and Singapore, Komainu is regulated by the Jersey Financial Services Commission (JFSC) in Jersey and Dubai Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA) in UAE. For more information, visit https://www.komainu.com


About Kiln

Kiln is the leading enterprise-grade staking platform, enabling institutional customers to stake assets, and to whitelabel staking functionality into their offering. Kiln runs validators on all major PoS blockchains, with over $2.2b of stake under management and over 3% of the Ethereum network, running on a multi-cloud, multi-region infrastructure. Kiln also provides a validator-agnostic suite of products for fully automated deployment of validators, reporting and commission management, enabling custodians, wallets and exchanges to streamline staking operations across providers. Kiln is SOC2 Type 2 certified.

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