Empowering institutional ETH Staking  with automated dedicated Validators.

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What is Kiln Dedicated Validators?

Kiln Dedicated Validators is a native staking solution underpin by our audited smart contracts. It facilitates deposits of any multiple of 32 ETH for dedicated validators hosted and managed by Kiln or another node operator. Optional OFAC-compliant relayers are also available.

This is a non-custodial staking solution where users retain absolute control over their wallets and funds. The smart contract designates their wallet as the sole entity authorized to interact with it, offering unparalleled ownership and security.

Commissions are dispatched automatically every time your users claim their rewards, ensuring full transparency and on-chain traceability throughout the entire process.

Top  reasons to implement Dedicated Validators

Get your dedicated infrastructure

Ensure institutional staking security with dedicated validators exclusively for your users. Deposited ETH remains isolated and separate, minimizing risks and ensuring complete user control.

Automate reward dispatch

Earn recurring commission on rewards, automatically dispatched 100% on-chain. Set a custom fee structure, and avoid the overhead of invoicing and rebate processes.

Tested by the best in class

Top industry players like Ledger and Enzyme successfully use our battle-tested solution since 2022 without a single failure.

Prioritize user retention

Unlock new services and value propositions for your users, fostering increased user retention and keeping their funds within your platform.

Benefit from the highest level of security

Our smart contracts have been audited by

Simplify ETH staking and automate rewards’ dispatch
in less than 1 week

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Simplify ETH staking and automate rewards’ dispatch
in less than 1 week

Request a demo

We’re thrilled to have Kiln join the Ledger Enterprise staking partner network. Now exchanges, custodians, and other financial institutions can maximize ETH staking rewards and benefit from the protection of Ledger’s battle-tested enterprise-grade security model.


Tokenize dedicated staking with a vNFT

vNFT stands for Validator Non-Fungible Token. It is an innovative type of NFT that represents a validator on the Ethereum blockchain, as well as its withdrawal credentials.

By trading vNFTs, validators can be transferred between parties, improving the efficiency of transferring ownership from one party to another. This allows for increased liquidity and easier access to staking for institutional users.

Maximise capital efficiency and liquidity

Earn rewards instantly without activation queues. Find immediate liquidity to bypass exit queues.

Additional rewards and composability

By integrating with DeFi protocols, Validator NFTs can generate additional yield alongside staking rewards.

Diversification and compliance

Effortlessly diversify staking strategies by trading Validator NFTs based on metadata like operator, hosting service, location, and regulatory jurisdiction.


What is Kiln Dedicated Validators product?

Kiln Dedicated Validators is a solution for native Ethereum protocol staking in 32 ETH batches.

What are the main advantages of Kiln Dedicated Validators?

Staking in multiples of 32 ETH with Kiln hosting and operating a dedicated validator in return for a fee. Earn rewards directly from the protocol.

What are the main risks of Kiln Dedicated Validators?

The primary risks associated with Ethereum staking include smart contract vulnerabilities, slashing, and downtime. Kiln addresses these risks through the implementation of strong anti-slashing strategies and monitoring processes, which have received endorsement from the Ethereum Foundation. Our smart contracts have undergone thorough audits conducted by reputable industry leaders such as Spearbit and the Ledger Donjon.

Since the launch of our first validators, Kiln has not encountered any slashing events, underscoring the efficacy of our anti-slashing strategies and our dedication to upholding the security and integrity of the staking process through best efforts.

Please also note that the availability and suitability of this product may vary across jurisdictions and may not be accessible or suitable for use in all regions.

 What is Kiln's latest ETH staking performance?

You can download our Ethereum monthly performance reports on this page.

 Has this product been adopted by companies?

Absolutely! Since 2022, several industry leading partners, including Ledger and Enzyme, have been utilizing this product.