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Offer your users liquidity and composability by pooling their ETH stakes with a fungible and custom liquid staking token

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What is Liquid Staking Pool?

Liquid staking tackles the issues of illiquidity and limited accessibility in native ETH staking. It transforms previously locked assets into liquid assets, allowing users to receive receipt tokens for their staked ETH deposits. Users with any amount of ETH can partake in staking pools and receive a proportional share of the rewards, minus fees and protocol penalties.

Kiln's Liquid Staking Pool* empowers integrators to join existing pools or create dedicated pools, in addition to the flexibility of selecting token models such as cToken or aToken. These fungible tokens can be used as collateral on centralized and decentralized exchanges or in DeFi, expanding earning opportunities for users.

The benefits of Liquid Staking Pool

Customize your staking experience

  • Select between an AAVE-style aToken or a Compound-style cToken to align with your preferences and service offerings.
  • Join established staking pools or create new pools while having the freedom to choose your preferred token model and operator based on factors such as fees, performance, security metrics, or existing relationships.

Earning additional rewards through composability

  • Liquid staking tokens can generate additional earnings alongside pooled staking rewards by leveraging DeFi and collateralization to expand earning opportunities.
  • Integrate your liquid staking token into your own ecosystem, whether it's a trading or earn offer, to provide your users with additional benefits and opportunities.

Putting users first

  • Eliminate entry barriers and unlock your full user base potential by allowing staking of any amount of ETH. Users can partially or fully exit from the pool at any time.
  • Unlock new services and value propositions for your users, fostering increased user retention and keeping their funds within your platform.

Staking Pool

Staking Pools allow users to participate in native staking by pooling their assets until they reach the required threshold of 32 ETH. This benefits smaller holders and enhances network security. However, for added liquidity and benefits like composability, Kiln offers a customized liquid staking token within our Liquid Staking Pool solution.

If you prefer a more traditional approach, Kiln's standard Staking Pool is also available. Choose the option that suits your staking needs.

Offer staking rewards, liquidity, flexibility with Kiln’s Liquid Staking Pool

Launch your Liquid Staking Pool today

Offer staking rewards, liquidity, flexibility with Kiln’s Liquid Staking Pool

Launch your Liquid Staking Pool today

Exploring various types of liquid tokens

When creating your token, there are two primary options:

  • Integrators can choose between an AAVE-style aToken or a Compound-style cToken, depending on their preference for how reward distribution is handled.
  • cTokens have a fixed quantity but their value continuously increases, while aTokens maintain a fixed exchange rate but the quantity of aTokens increases to reflect earned rewards.


What is Kiln Liquid Staking Pool product?

The Kiln Liquid Staking Pool provides non-custodial exchanges and wallets the opportunity to provide additional staking solutions for their users, by allowing users to stake any amount of ETH, but with the option to generate a transferrable token that represents the the withdrawal credentials and the ownership of the individualized part.

What are the main advantages of Kiln Liquid Staking Pool?

Kiln Liquid Staking Pool provides a solution for staking any individualized amount of ETH and creates a liquid staking token that represents the ownership of the validator.

What are the main risks of Kiln Liquid Staking Pool?

The primary risks associated with Ethereum staking include smart contract vulnerabilities, slashing, and downtime. Kiln addresses these risks through the implementation of strong anti-slashing strategies and monitoring processes, which have received endorsement from the Ethereum Foundation. Our smart contracts have undergone thorough audits conducted by reputable industry leaders such as Spearbit and the Ledger Donjon.

Since the launch of our first validators, Kiln has not encountered any slashing events, underscoring the efficacy of our anti-slashing strategies and our dedication to upholding the security and integrity of the staking process through best efforts.

Please also note that the availability and suitability of this product may vary across jurisdictions and may not be accessible or suitable for use in all regions.

What is Kiln's latest ETH staking performance?

You can download our Ethereum monthly performance reports on this page.

What are the main benefits of a liquid staking token?

Liquid staking tokens offer the dual advantages of enhanced flexibility and liquidity. Users can unlock the value of their staked assets, trade them on secondary markets, and engage in various DeFi activities, all while continuing to earn staking rewards.

Has this product been audited?

Our smart contracts have undergone comprehensive audits conducted by industry leaders such as Spearbit and the Ledger Donjon. Access reports and read more about our security practices here.

* Product not available in all jurisdictions or to all users.