Effortlessly enable native, non-custodial access to
DeFi yield and monetize it

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Integrate natively the following supported protocols:

Maximize your stablecoin yield potential. Monetize access to DeFi.

While stablecoins make up over 70% of on-chain volume, only 1% of them earn interest for the holder. In comparison, over 50% of PoS and dPoS assets are staked.

What causes this discrepancy? Integrating and reliably monetizing stablecoins into the native workflow of a non-custodial platform is challenging. Yield protocols need to be evaluated, integrated, and risk-managed. A revenue share layer must be built.

Kiln DeFi is the missing link to bring these DeFi opportunities to your users natively.


One solution, all main DeFi protocols integrated

Avoid the complexity of integrating individual DeFi protocols with Kiln's universal integration interface.


Enabling liquidity prior to withdrawal

Thanks to Kiln On-Chain’s exit queue system, some liquidity can be offered to users wishing to withdraw prior to withdrawals going live at the protocol level.


Diversify and optimize revenue streams

Diversify your product offerings to maximise revenue streams for all market conditions.


Bring DeFi to your users natively

Instead of having to access DeFi dApps, provide better security and UX to your users by bringing the yield opportunities to them in your application.


Earn commissions on rewards programmatically

On-chain smart contracts handle management and performance fees, deposits, withdrawals and reward management, guaranteeing transparency and auditability.

Smart-contracts audited by
Quantstamp and Spearbit

We are already supporting the main platforms and assets

Tether USDT
Liquity USD
All ERC20 tokens supported on those platforms

Easily build your own tailored ETH staking offering with our tooling for operators and integrators

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Start monetizing DeFi opportunities from your non-custodial product

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Supercharge your Earn offering with DeFi


Integrating Ethereum staking is challenging, with the requirement for generating validator keys, issuing a complex deposit, and requiring multiples of 32 ETH at the protocol level.

Kiln On-Chain offers a transparent, non-custodial approach, allowing for a seamless flow from deposit to rewards management and on-chain commission dispatching. Integrators can now prioritize user retention and revenue share effortlessly.

For additional staking support, the primary opportunity with $5.85 billion in global rewards per year, contact us at sales@kiln.fi.

Kiln DeFi FAQ

What is Kiln DeFi and what does it enable?

Kiln DeFi enables integrators to facilitate  access to stablecoin yield via top Defi lending and borrowing protocols whilst also earning a revenue share on the rewards generated.

What are the main advantages of Kiln DeFi?

Key advantages of Kiln DeFi includes:

  • One solution and one unified interface for all of the top DeFi protocols 
  • Bring DeFi to your users in your native workflow
  • Compatible with any platform
  • Earn commissions on rewards on-chain and programmatically

What stablecoins or tokens are supported on Kiln DeFi?

All assets available to supply through Aave (v2/v3), Compound (v2/v3), Spark sDai, Morpho-Aave (vs/v3), Morpho-Compound (v2) and Morpho Blue, are supported by Kiln DeFi.

Across all of these platforms, this amounts to ~40 different assets, including top stablecoins like USDT, USDC, DAI, PYUSD, FDUSD and GUSD.

Native tokens such as ETH are not supported, however all ERC-20 tokens on these platforms are. You can check some of them on the page below and reach out to us in case of any questions.

How quick can you set up Kiln DeFi?

You can be up and running in a matter of days, depending on your own testing and UX design requirements

Kiln On-Chain is a turnkey product; it is ready to use with or without any front-end integration.You can integrate yourself or with the help of Kiln team, and its tooling. You can also integrate your own user interface if required.

Who are the main users of Kiln DeFi?

Kiln DeFi is flexible and works with any custodial or non-custodial platform.  

Is Kiln DeFi audited?

The Kiln DeFi smart contracts have been audited by Quantstamp and Spearbit, and which can be made available to with a signed evaluation agreement.

Additionally, Kiln has successfully completed SOC 2 Type I and SOC 2 Type II audits, and the reports for these audits are available for reference here.

How do I get started with Kiln DeFi?

Reach out to your account manager or complete our form and go through Kiln onboarding to gain access to our suite of solutions.