Data providers

Staking made easy for Data providers

Data providers are essential for delivering reliable real-time and historical information on blockchain networks to financial institutions through released indexes.

Thus, they rely on well-organized data sources from technology providers such as Kiln.

Stake from your favorite/existing custody solution with Kiln

Kiln staking SDK is compatible with any custody solution, reach out to embdedd staking with Kiln in your custody solution interface.

3 reasons to power your staking products and indices with Kiln

Seamless integration with our APIs

Benefit from our validator-agnostic APIs to standardize operations without allocating resources for data collection and maintenance.

Real-time data across all networks

Access the entire history of major protocols with standardized data and multiple staking operators effortlessly.

Acknowledged expertise

Leverage our track record operating 4% of the Ethereum network as long-term Beacon chain operator.

Staking is a core primitive of this new world: by enabling asset owners to use their stake to secure the network and to be rewarded while doing so, staking preserves decentralisation.

Integrate all major protocols faster and offer staking with a single API

Integrate staking in your Custody Solution


Staking data is essential to power new financial products based on blockchains or for research purpose, however it’s not an easy thing:

  • Manual reporting is a tedious and error-prone process.

  • Different staking data formats across protocols makes collecting and interpreting the data difficult.

  • Building, scaling and maintaining an in-house staking infrastructure demands allocating time and resources that could be spent on delivering new projects.


Kiln solves all the above pain points with:

  • One unified API for staking & unstaking transactions for all protocols.

  • Real time and operators agnostic data for a global view of all your staking assets.

  • Programmatic & exhaustive reporting with leading SLAs.

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All major protocols supported:

Why use Kiln staking data?

Estimative time saved

versus building in-house

API propagation time

The time it takes for a stake to appear in our API

Partnering with Kiln to build staking indices has been a great  experience. We are impressed by their capabilities on blockchain infrastructure and their technical excellence and  look forward to our customers using our new indices to power their digital assets markets activities.

Sui Chung - CF Benchmarks
Sui Chung - CEO of CF Benchmarks
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