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What is Kiln Staking Pool?

Staking pools provide an opportunity for users who have a limited number of tokens to engage in staking and receive a proportionate share of the rewards. This is particularly beneficial for Ethereum staking because it allows individuals who do not possess the required 32 ETH to still participate and earn rewards.

Since pooling functionality is not natively supported by the protocol, dedicated solutions like Kiln Staking Pool have emerged to enhance accessibility, remove entry barriers, and promote the essential decentralization necessary for the network's long-term sustainability and security.

How does it work?


Alice, Bob, and Carol each stake a different ETH amount, all under 32 ETH.


Alice, Bob, and Carol’s assets are pooled into a single 32 ETH batch, through the Kiln staking smart contract.


Each user is allocated a pool ownership percentage, calculated on their initial deposit.


The validator is deployed, and starts earning rewards which accumulate in the staking pool smart contract.


Alice initiates a withdrawal from the staking pool smart contract.


Alice gets her initial stake + rewards. The integrator receives its commission directly in its wallet.

With 99.93%* of ETH holders having less than 32 ETH, implementing Kiln Staking Pool is the way to go:

Accessible to all users

Eliminate entry barriers and unlock your full user base potential by allowing staking of any amount of ETH.

Automate recurring rewards

Earn additional recurring commission on rewards, automatically dispatched 100% on-chain. Set a custom fee structure, and avoid the overhead of invoicing and rebate processes.

Remove technical complexity

The staking pool operators handle all technical aspects of managing the pool and operating the validators.  Choose Kiln, another node operator, or invite your operator of choice.

Prioritize user retention

Unlock new services and value propositions for your users, fostering increased user retention and keeping their funds within your platform.

Benefit from the highest level of security

All our smart contracts have been audited by

Get started with ETH staking today and offer your users a hassle-free staking experience with
no minimum balance requirement.

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Pooling has been the most requested feature by our users since launching our ETH staking offer in November with Kiln. With 93% of ETH holders on Nano having less than 32 ETH, we understand the need for an accessible and user-friendly pooling solution. Stay tuned for updates on our upcoming pooling integration!


Tokenize pooled staking with a liquid token

With Kiln's white-label liquid staking token, provide your users with liquidity options and enable them to engage with DeFi protocols through your non-custodial wallet or exchange.

The process is simple: users deposit ETH into the pool and receive a transferrable receipt token that represents their stake and share of the pool.

These fungible tokens may be accepted as collateral on centralized and decentralized exchanges or in DeFi, expanding earning opportunities for users in addition to staking rewards.This opens up various yield strategies in DeFi and empowers your users to maximize the value of their ETH.

Customize your staking experience

Select between an AAVE-style aToken or a Compound-style cToken to align with your preferences and service offerings.

Rewards and composability

Liquid staking tokens can generate additional yield alongside pooled staking rewards by leveraging DeFi and collateralization to expand earning opportunities.

Put your users first

Unlock new services and value propositions for your users, fostering increased user retention and keeping their funds within your platform.


What is Kiln Staking Pool?

Kiln Staking Pool provides non-custodial exchanges and wallets with the opportunity to provide additional staking solutions for their users, by allowing users to stake any amount of ETH.

What are the main advantages of Kiln Staking Pool?

Your users can stake any amount of ETH, making it more accessible to a wider range of participants. Integrator fees are automatically dispatched on-chain.

What are the main risks of Kiln Staking Pool?

The primary risks associated with Ethereum staking include smart contract vulnerabilities, slashing, and downtime. Kiln addresses these risks through the implementation of strong anti-slashing strategies and monitoring processes processes, which have received endorsement from the Ethereum Foundation. Our smart contracts have undergone thorough audits conducted by reputable industry leaders such as Spearbit and the Ledger Donjon.

Since the launch of our first validators, Kiln has not encountered any slashing events, underscoring the efficacy of our anti-slashing strategies and our dedication to upholding the security and integrity of the staking process through best efforts.

Please also note that the availability and suitability of this product may vary across jurisdictions and may not be accessible or suitable for use in all regions.

What is Kiln's latest ETH staking performance?

You can download our Ethereum monthly performance reports on this page.

Has this product been audited?

Our smart contracts have undergone comprehensive audits conducted by industry leaders such as Spearbit and the Ledger Donjon. Access reports and read more about our security practices here.