Staking Pool

Enabling native staking with less than 32 ETH,
the safest collaborative approach for all your users

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What is Kiln Staking Pool?

A staking pool is a collaborative effort where individuals combine their resources to participate in a Proof-of-Stake network. This is especially beneficial for Ethereum staking as not all users can provide the required 32 ETH to participate.

However, since pooling is not natively supported within the protocol, dedicated solutions like Kiln Staking Pool have emerged to democratize ETH staking and contribute to the decentralization necessary for the long-term quality, security, and sustainability of the Ethereum network.

With 99.88%* of ETH holders having less than 32 ETH, implementing Kiln Staking Pool is the way to go:

Democratize ETH staking

Your users can stake any amount of ETH and not only multiples of 32. Staking isn’t only for whales, there is no more barrier to entry.

Increase your revenue

You can earn a commission on the rewards earned by stakers in the pool. Your users will also be rewarded, meaning you will have more chance of retaining them, in short a win-win situation

Remove technical complexity

Rewards are dispatched automatically on-chain making every step of the process transparent. Your user don’t have to set up their own nodes and you can bring any of your existing integrators in just few days!

Unlock On-Chain advantages in days

This is the only pooling solution with fast integration, 100% managed on-chain where the rewards are dispatched automatically. All our processes are done on-chain making them fully auditable by anyone at any time.

Benefit from the highest level of security

All our smart contracts have been audited by

How does it work?


Alice, Bob, and Carol each stake any
amount of ETH, all under 32 ETH.


Alice, Bob, and Carol’s assets are pooled into a single 32 ETH batch, through the Kiln On-Chain Smart Contract.

Get started with ETH staking today and offer yourusers a hassle-free staking experience with
no minimum balance requirement.

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Pooling has been the most requested feature by our users since launching our ETH staking offer in November with Kiln. With 93% of ETH holders on Nano having less than 32 ETH, we understand the need for an accessible and user-friendly pooling solution. Stay tuned for updates on our upcoming pooling integration!


Tokenize pooled staking with a liquid token

With Kiln's white-label liquid staking token, provide your users with instant liquidity and enable them to engage with DeFi protocols through your non-custodial wallet or exchange.

The process is simple: users deposit any amount of ETH into the pool in exchange for a liquid token (LST), which derives its value from the pooled position value minus the integrator fee.

LSTs can be used as collateral on both centralized and decentralized exchanges or lending pools. Stakers can lend out their liquid staking token and receive the loan's interest along with the staking yield. This opens up various yield strategies in DeFi and empowers your users to maximize their profits.

Customize your staking experience

Select between aTokens (AAVE) and cTokens (Compound) to align with your preferences and service offerings.

Rewards and composability

Liquid staking tokens can generate additional yield alongside pooled staking rewards by leveraging DeFi and collateralization to expand earning opportunities.

Put your users first

Unlock new services and value propositions for your users, fostering increased user retention and keeping their funds within your platform.

Unsure which staking products suits you best?

I want to offer:
  • Staking by batches of 32 ETH without liquidity
  • Staking from any amount of ETH without liquidity
  • Staking by batches of 32 ETH with a liquidity token
  • Staking from any amount of ETH with a liquidy token


What is a staking pool?

“On-Chain” operations function through a blockchain network which makes them public and verifiable by design. In contrast, off-chain means operations are processed outside a blockchain network, therefore they may not be subject to open records and generally involve trusting third parties.

How does the integration work?

Ethereum is the first protocol to be supported by Kiln On-Chain.

How do my users enter and exit the pool?

Kiln On-Chain enables wallet providers to easily bootstrap and monetize a complete Ethereum staking offering for 32 or fewer ETH, including some rewards liquidity.

How quickly can you set up pooling?

Kiln On-Chain is a turnkey product, it is ready to use with or without any front-end integration. It can be set up fast with a single engineer, the help of Kiln team, and its tooling.