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What is Kiln Connect?

Integrating new staking protocols is time-consuming and costly, requiring custom transactions, data infrastructure, and custodian API integrations. Kiln Connect abstracts this complexity away.

Kiln Connect includes the Transaction Crafting API for programmatically handling staking accounts and creating staking/unstaking transactions, and the Reporting API for real-time data monitoring, including rewards and validator performance, for you or your users.

Kiln Connect is validator-agnostic, so you can enjoy its benefits regardless of your chosen validators

Everything you need (and more) in one unified SDK:

Reporting API

Collect rewards & performance in data real time across chains and staking operators in a unified way

  • Save your engineering team bandwidth
  • Provide robust reporting to users
  • Automate accounting and compliance

Transaction crafting API

Integrate each protocol's staking/unstaking transaction formats into one string of code

Compatible with all major Pos BLOCKCHAINS

Integrate protocols faster to offer staking on all PoS networks

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Why should you develop with Kiln Connect?

Tools built by developers, for developers.

Developer-friendly solutions. Our REST APIs are consumable from your environment, and we have JS and Python SDKs, and a CLI tool for convenience.

Build 10x faster and avoid maintenance. Get started integrating staking today, rather than building custom integrations and data pipelines with each chain. Keep your engineering team focused on your secret sauce!

7+ POS and dPOS chains supported. We offer support for multiple proof-of-stake (PoS) chains, including ETH, SOL, XTZ, MATIC. We plan to support all major PoS chains going forward.

Validator Agnostic. Our validator-agnostic APIs empower you to seamlessly work with multiple providers without the need to change your established habits.

Save thousands of dollars in engineering costs. Our customers don't need to hire a full team dedicated to reporting control procedures, infrastructure set up and scaling as well as protocol updates.

World-class support & documentation. With the best SLAs in the ecosystem, our dedicated experts are available 24/7 to provide unwavering support and assistance.

Ready to get started?

The unified staking SDK for all chains

The Kiln team is available to discuss your requirements, and give you access to Kiln Connect.

To enhance the user experience for our M2 users, we utilize Kiln Connect in our backend for seamless creation of staking/unstaking transactions and real-time data monitoring. This enables our technical team to abstract the complexities associated with managing multiple blockchains, allowing us to successfully offer staking as part of our global earn program.



What is Kiln Connect?

Kiln Connect includes the Transaction Crafting API for programmatically handling staking accounts and creating staking/unstaking transactions, and the Reporting API for real-time data monitoring, including rewards and validator performance, for you or your users.

The Reporting API, which provides real-time, all-time, all-network indexing of staking data across all major PoS chains. This API enables exchanges, custodians and market makers to collect and surface staking data for their customers and internal processes. The API is validator-agnostic, enabling you to standardise reporting and operations across staking operators and protocols without having to spend engineering resources on collecting and maintaining these data pipelines.

The Transaction Crafting API, which enables you to craft staking and unstaking transactions from all major PoS protocols using a single, unified API which supports all validator providers. This enables you to speed up the delivery of your staking product across several chains. 

Both these APIs are RESTful, enabling you to call them from the language of your choice. We also provide JS and Python SDKs for convenience.

What are the protocols supported by Kiln Connect?

Kiln Connect supports all major PoS protocols, for the latest list of supported protocols across the Reporting and Transaction Crafting APIs, please refer to the dedicated page on our documentation site.

How quickly can I set up Kiln Connect?

You can get started querying the APIs in a few minutes once you have generated an API token from the Kiln Dashboard. Integrating into your application will take from a few days to a couple of weeks based on your requirements (custodian used, number of protocols, staking or reporting-only integration, etc).

Who are the main users of Kiln Connect?

Kiln Connect is made for any Web3 business that wants to stake programmatically or offer staking without wasting resources building in-house solutions. Our customers are mainly exchanges, wallets, and custody solutions.

What are the main advantages of Kiln Connect?

Kiln Connect saves time implementing staking and adding new protocols, it also removes the need for in-house infrastructure and software development. Kiln Connect offers a unique ready-to-use format for staking/ unstaking transactions for each protocol for your platform through the Kiln Transaction Crafting API. It also retrieves rewards data through the Kiln Reporting API, providing you with a clear overview of how much you have staked and the rewards you have earned.

What are the risks associated with Kiln Connect?

Kiln Connect is a utility which helps you streamline your integration with staking validators. All crafted transactions can be validated on your side prior to broadcasting, and they are signed in your existing custody solution (Kiln is non-custodial).

If you choose to stake with Kiln Validators, there are slashing risks associated which you should be aware of.

Which custody solutions are compatible with Kiln Connect?

Kiln Connect currently supports Fireblocks custody for clients with Raw Signing enabled and is working to onboard more custodians.

In which programming languages is the Kiln Connect SDK available?

Our HTTP APIs wrapped into our Kiln Connect SDK are currently available in TypeScript/JavaScript and Python, however, we can add support for other languages upon request.

What’s Kiln’s staking track record?

Over $2.2b+ digital assets are being programmatically staked through our technology on all major PoS chains, Kiln is running approximately 3% of Ethereum validation with 99.95% effective uptime and 0 slashing penalties experienced. Kiln has also successfully passed the SOC2 Type 1 and SOC 2 Type 2 audit, available here.

Where can I find Kiln Connect documentation?

Kiln Connect documentation can be found here.