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The most comprehensive interface to stake and track your performance for your entire team

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1-click staking dashboard

Stake in a few clicks on all main PoS chains. Our friendly user-interface is easy to use and accessible to your entire team including those in company operations.

Select the account you want to stake on, then connect your wallet. That’s it!

Real-time monitoring

Track your portfolio across all protocols and stay informed in real-time of your current GRRs so you can get better projections of your rewards.

Within your Kiln organization, you can also create multiple accounts, which act as folders for your stakes. This way you can organize your stakes according to your own preferences: per customers, regions etc.

Staking data that is easily exported

All your data is in one-place so you just have to connect to view your rewards or select “Export Csv” to share your history with your team.

Your stakes are automatically aggregated on your Kiln Organization to help you make reporting simpler.

Discover, stake, organize and analyze in 1-click on all major PoS chains

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More than just a dashboard, benefit from the highest enterprise-grade staking standards:

Industry-leading SLA

We offer rewards guaranteed SLA ensuring a return of 99% of the network-average APR of any PoS chain staking.

Slashing coverage

To prevent any risk, Kiln, in partnership with Nexus Mutual and Chainproof, offers a coverage policy to protect against middle slashing events.

Dashboard integration

Kiln can provide you the source code for the dashboard to help you provide a similar experience to your users.

24/7 support

Reach out with any feedback, requests, or issues regarding the Kiln dashboard.

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The all-in-one staking interface for everyone

The Kiln team will introduce you to the best way of using the Kiln Dashboard. So you can discover all the benefits of our 1-click staking dashboard, administration interface, reporting and data exporting.
Simple and safe.

With Kiln Dashboard, my team was able to stake all our main PoS assets in just a few clicks and to easily pilot our assets under stake on a daily basis, it’s a fantastic self-service tool especially when it comes to exporting data.



What is Kiln Dashboard?

Kiln Dashboard is a product developed by Kiln to enable you to stake in 1-click, monitor your rewards, manage your team, and organization accounts. We can provide you with the source code for the dashboard to help you provide a similar experience for your users.

What are the protocols supported on Kiln Dashboard?

Kiln currently supports 11 protocols on its dashboard: Ethereum, Solana, Tezos, NEAR, Juno, Ki, Osmosis, Avalanche, Polkadot, Cardano and the Cosmos Hub.

How quickly can I access the Kiln Dashboard?

You just need to login and complete our KYC to get access to the Kiln Dashboard program.

How does staking work on Kiln Dashboard?

On the stake page of the dashboard, select the protocol you would like to stake: Ethereum, Solana, etc. You can check the staking information about the network and stake it in a few clicks with intuitive onboarding. Select the Account you want to stake on, the amount of tokens you want to stake and connect your wallet to start staking!

What are the main advantages of Kiln Dashboard?

Kiln Dashboard is the central place to manage your stakes per account with your colleagues and generate custom reporting. It is simple to use even for non-technical users. It is dynamic as it includes administration interface, reporting and data exporting so you can make the right decision at the right time every time.