Staking made easy for Wallets

A crypto wallet is not really a virtual purse storing cryptocurrencies. Rather, it is a piece of software (”hot wallet”) or hardware (”cold wallet”) which stores your public and private cryptographic keys, giving access to your tokens through an interface.

Most often a crypto wallet is non-custodial, meaning only the end-user knows and owns his private key. This is different to a custodial wallet where the provider holds the user’s keys, like a traditional bank.

Wallets are the tools to manage crypto tokens, as such they are the best integration point for a staking feature.

3 reasons of integrating Kiln products in your wallet

Enables staking for any wallet with a single solution

Kiln products are compatible with hot & cold, as well as custodial and non-custodial wallets.

Enroll more users and retain them through staking

Staking is one the stickiest products in crypto. Boost user acquisition and decrease your churn while supporting staking.

Seamlessly embed staking into your existing UI/UX

Kiln products make staking natively integrated into your app, through branded UI, API, or smart contracts.

Staking is a core primitive of this new world: by enabling asset owners to use their stake to secure the network and earn a yield doing so, staking preserves decentralisation and provides returns. It is the Internet bond.


Building and maintaining an in-house staking offering takes times and ressources:

  • Management of staking operations and infrastructure, ensuring uptime and preventing slashing risks

    All staking operations are handled on Kiln’s side, guaranteed by SLAs.

  • Naturally embed a staking feature within an existing product

    Kiln’s natural integration endpoints enable a native and organic integration within your app, seamlessly fitting into your existing workflows.

  • Keep up with the supported protocols for staking

    The speed at which new protocols launch demands a constant watch to identify promising projects and then support the deployment of new staking protocols in a scalable way.


Kiln solves all the above painpoints offering:

  • Compatible with all wallets: custodial/non-custodial, hot & cold

    On-chain and off-chain integrations fitting all integration layers.

  • Non-custodial rewards & commission management

    Keep your current custody solution.

  • Standardized staking and unstaking transactions and data management for all protocols

    No need to start from scratch for each new protocol.

  • Kiln makes sure to support staking for new protocols every month

    Both top market-cap projects or promising upcoming protocols.

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What are the benefits of using Kiln staking for a custody solution?

1 day
Time to integrate

Seamlessly fits within your product

10 months
Average staking duration

boost your retention rate

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