Our mission is to accelerate the Web3 industry

We believe the world’s financial system is being rebuilt on blockchains.

Blockchains enable censorship-resistant money to be accessible to anyone with an internet connection, and composable building blocks for builders to innovate on permissionlessly. Ultimately we believe this will create a better world, with more access to opportunity, fewer rent-seeking middle-men, and fewer hidden systemic risks.

Staking is a core primitive of this new world: by enabling asset owners to use their stake to secure the network and earn a yield doing so, staking preserves decentralisation and provides returns. It is the Internet bond.
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The team behind Kiln

Laszlo Szabo
CEO & Co-founder
Ernest Oppetit
CPO & Co-founder
Thomas de Phuoc
COO & Co-founder
Nicolas Maurice
Advisor (Alluvial CTO)
Mané Damjanovic
General Counsel
Duncan Hoffman
VP Revenue
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