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Our mission is to democratize the value creation in the digital assets ecosystem

We believe the world’s financial system is being rebuilt on blockchains.

Blockchains enable censorship-resistant money to be accessible to anyone with an internet connection, and composable building blocks for builders to innovate on permissionless. Ultimately we believe this will create a better world, with more access to opportunity, fewer rent-seeking middle-men, fewer hidden systemic risks and better resilience via decentralization.

Staking is a core primitive of this new world: by enabling asset owners to use their stake to secure the network and get rewarded, staking preserves decentralization.

Our mission at Kiln is to provide easy access to blockchain protocols for our users, allowing them to earn rewards by securing networks and participating in protocol consensuses with their held cryptocurrencies. As the industry evolves and the need to integrate multiple staking players becomes more prevalent, we strive to maintain our position as an aggregator, making it easy for our users to stake across multiple networks with ease.
Our Team

The team behind Kiln

Laszlo Szabo
CEO & Co-founder
Ernest Oppetit
CPO & Co-founder
Thomas de Phuoc
COO & Co-founder
Marie Siegrist
Head of Marketing
Duncan Hoffman
Kevin Lefevre
VP of Engineering
Andy King
VP People
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Who we are

Technical excellence

Maintaining the highest standards is our priority, we focus on the highest security and usability levels to give our clients the best possible experience.

Innovation-driven meritocracy

Where groundbreaking ideas triumph over popularity. Our commitment ensures that only the most innovative and deserving ideas take center stage.

Trust and transparency

Informing our team and clients of what we are up to guarantees trust and reliability. We allow our team to work independently and always keep our clients best interests at heart. Transparency fuels Kiln.

People first

Ensuring our team and clients are happy is our top priority; they are our driving force!

Our board of directors

The directors behind Kiln

Christopher Heymann
Founding Partner at 1kx
Anton Katz
CEO and Co-founder at Talos
Charlton Hook
Investor at Illuminate Financial
Laszlo Szabo
CEO and Co-founder at Kiln
Thomas de Phuoc
COO and Co-founder at Kiln
David Chreng-Messembourg
Founding partner at LeadBlock Partners
Diana Biggs
Partner at 1kx
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