April 2023


Product update

50k+ ETH staked via Ledger Live!

Less than 6 months after the release of Ethereum staking on Ledger Live by Kiln, more than 50k ETH have already been staked!

This success indicates the growing demand for staking, with users wanting to contribute to the security of the protocol while being rewarded for doing so.

Thanks to Kiln On-Chain, Ledger Live users can deploy their own validators and stake Ethereum fully on-chain, all while benefiting from the protection of Ledger’s security. Discover our full story here.

New partnership

ETH Staking now available on

MetaMask Institutional

We are proud to announce our collaboration with MetaMask Institutional on the launch of their first institutional-staking marketplace.

MetaMask Institutional, the Web3 wallet for organizations developed by ConsenSys, has brought Kiln and other staking platforms together to offer its institutional clients access to a simple-to-use staking marketplace.

This will provide institutional staking of ETH ahead of the much anticipated Shanghai/Capella upgrade which will provide stakers with the ability to exit and withdraw their staked collateral.

Crypto 101

The path to
(proto-) danksharding

The Ethereum product has an ambitious roadmap with new upgrades. The next one, named Shanghai, will take place on April 12 and will allow withdrawals, but what comes next?

As the number of people using Ethereum has grown, the blockchain has reached certain capacity limitations. This has driven up the cost of using the network, creating the need for "scaling solutions”.

To meet these scalability needs developers have come up with technical concepts like sharding, danksharding, and the EIP-4844... But let’s be honest, it’s difficult to comprehend these concepts. That’s why our research team has prepared a series of articles starting with the one below to help you gain a better understanding of these future developments.


Thank you for meeting us at PBW23

We were lucky to host some of you during our happy hours and during the first edition of our “Kiln Rendez-vous”, a series of panels with leading Web3 experts. It was an honor to receive Joe Lubin from ConsenSys, as well as many of our customers: Ledger, Fireblocks and many more. We always love to discuss the state of the market in-person.

If you were not able to attend, you can watch the recording of our talks on our YouTube channel.

We are already looking forward to meeting you again. You can mark your calendars for EthCC 2023 in Paris this summer!

Thanks for reading,

Marie, Head of Marketing

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