August 2023


New partnerships

The preferred choice of Komainu and SwissBorg

We are excited to announce our partnerships with two prominent players in the crypto ecosystem who have selected Kiln as their preferred staking partner.

Komainu has selected Kiln as one of its preferred staking providers. Through this strategic partnership, private banks, financial institutions, pension funds, and other institutional investors can now easily use Kiln to engage in staking on Ethereum and Tezos directly from Komainu.

SwissBorg's community can now tap into the power of native staking, unlocking the full potential of their assets. Starting first with MATIC and SOL, users of the SwissBorg app can easily access staking and earning rewards on major Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchains.


Kiln Rendez-Vous EthCC 6 Throwback

A heartfelt thank you to all the builders, entrepreneurs, and investors who joined us last week at EthCC 6 in Paris. It was an incredible pleasure to meet you in person and engage in some truly amazing discussions together.

We were honored to welcome prestigious guests for our Kiln Rendez-Vous such as TRGC, EigenLayer, Halborn, HexTrust, BitGo, Consensys, Ceffu, Fireblocks, Spearbit, Quantstamp, dYdX, Ondo Finance, Zerion, the Ethereum Foundation, Alchemy, Starknet, MetaMask Institutional and many more!

Don't worry if you missed our talks! You can catch up now by exploring our recordings, which cover topics such as EigenLayer, Future of Ethereum, MEV, and much more. Happy watching!

Product update

Kiln Connect: The all-in-one SDK abstracting staking complexity

A valuable insight from BitGo’s product manager for staking: “Implementing multiple chains can be challenging due to their complexity.” That's why we developed Kiln Connect, which abstracts this complexity through its unique set of APIs.

Kiln Connect includes the Reporting API for real-time data monitoring, including rewards and validator performance already used by leading custodians, exchanges and wallets and the Transaction Crafting API for programmatically handling staking accounts and creating staking/unstaking transactions.

Kiln Connect is validator-agnostic, so you can enjoy its benefits regardless of your chosen validators.

Thanks for reading,

Marie, Head of Marketing

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