June 2023


New partnership

The preferred choice of Bitpanda

We are excited to announce our partnership with Bitpanda, one of the most prominent players in the European crypto ecosystem, who has selected Kiln as its preferred staking partner.

Starting with the 10+ largest PoS blockchains, including ETH, SOL and ATOM, the 4 million Bitpanda users can now participate in the security of these PoS chains and earn staking rewards while doing so.

Protocol upgrade

Shapella update 1-month after

One month after the Shapella update, the landscape of Ethereum staking has already changed a lot.

Download our latest report and dive into the latest metrics and trends for ETH staking over a month after Shapella:

Product update

ETH client validator diversity

In response to recent Ethereum transaction finalization issues, we’ve taken proactive steps to diversify our validator client options.

We're thrilled to announce full support for Lighthouse alongside Prysm and Teku, empowering you with even more choices. Our initial batch of 5,000 validators using Lighthouse is already live and validating!

Moving ahead, our aim is to establish a robust and balanced ecosystem with at least three clients — Prysm, Lighthouse, and Teku — ensuring minimal downtime and network impact during client failures through seamless transitions.

Reach out to us to deploy your Ethereum validators with the client of your preference.


Meet us in Paris this summer!

Join Laszlo on July 14th and 15th for a compelling discussion on 'Restoring Trust in Web3' with renowned industry leaders at the highly anticipated conference, Proof Of Talk.

We're excited to curate an exceptional side-events program for EthCC. As part of our initiative, Kiln is hosting a Builder Open Stage to showcase new projects in the industry. Stay tuned for more details!

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