March 2023


Protocol upgrade

Shanghai upgrade

Shanghai, the next Ethereum upgrade enabling withdrawals, is scheduled for the beginning of April. This will be a major milestone for every staker.

But no one actually knows how this new feature will impact the ecosystem: will there be millions of ETH released, dragging the price down? Or will these withdrawals quickly be offset by even more staking?

We surveyed over 100+ top financial institutions and individuals to better understand future staking behaviors. Download our report to get our key insights.

Product release

LsETH Release

On Tuesday, March 7th, the Alluvial team announced the launch of Liquid Collective with the release of LsETH, the liquid staking token with an enterprise-grade standard. This token is now available to institutional customers across Coinbase Prime and Bitcoin Suisse.

Thanks to its expertise, Kiln was selected to build and deliver the smart contracts for LsETH, as well as off-chain components underpinning its operation.

We are thrilled to have reached this launch milestone.

Let’s meet


Kiln Office / Tuesday, March 21st

On the occasion of Paris Blockchain Week in March, we are cooking a series of special talks and panels at our office on Tuesday, March 21st:

NFT Factory / Wednesday, March 22nd

On Wednesday, March 22nd we are thrillled to invite you to our exclusive Happy Hour at the NFT Factory organized with Bitpanda, Animoca, Hex Trust and LeadBlock Partners.

New partnerships

Powering Firi &

We are happy to start collaborating with:

  •, an innovative delegated staking protocol for Ethereum enabling non-custodial and decentralized staking, which chose Kiln as the main node-operator.

  • Firi, the Nordics crypto exchange leader which chose Kiln to launch their staking offering, starting with Ethereum.

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Marie, Head of Marketing

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