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Tokenize validators with NFTs for maximized rewards, liquidity, and composability without waiting in queues.

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What is Validator NFT?

Introducing Validator NFT: tokenization of Ethereum dedicated validators via Non-Fungible Tokens (vNFTs). This innovative form of NFT represents ownership and the withdrawal credentials of a specific validator.

This enhances ownership transfer efficiency, enabling increased composability and liquidity for all users. Maximize capital efficiency by trading the NFTs to skip entry and exit queues.

This groundbreaking product revolutionizes staking, improving accessibility and brings benefits for all users in the industry.

The benefits of Validator NFT

Maximise capital efficiency and liquidity

  • Maximize capital efficiency with Validator NFT trading. Maximize network security by keeping ETH staked.
  • Earn rewards instantly without activation queues. Find immediate liquidity to bypass exit queues.

Earning additional rewards through composability

  • By integrating with DeFi protocols, Validator NFTs can generate additional earnings alongside staking rewards.
  • Users can also leverage validator swaps and collateralization for various other use cases.

Enable staking diversification and compliance

  • Create and diversify staking strategies by trading Validator NFTs based on metadata like operator, hosting service, location, and regulatory jurisdiction.
  • Ensure compliance where there are jurisdictional requirements, while keeping deposited ETH separate and isolated manner.

Offer wallet control and accessibility

  • Gain the freedom to transfer or hold NFTs across multiple wallets, enabling greater control and accessibility.
  • Break free from restrictions tied to the original wallet that initiated the stake, allowing for more effective risk management.

Dedicated Validators

Kiln Dedicated Validators allows customers not only retain full ownership but also enjoy all the benefits of our on-chain products, including automatic rewards’ dispatch and auditable processes through smart contracts.

Kiln Dedicated Validators is a native and non-custodial staking solution underpin by our audited smart contracts. It facilitates deposits of any multiple of 32 ETH for dedicated validators hosted and managed by Kiln or another node operator already connected to the platform.

If you prefer a more traditional approach, Kiln's standard Dedicated Validators is also available. Choose the option that suits your staking needs.

Offer staking rewards, liquidity, flexibility
with Kiln’s Validator NFT

Launch your Validator NFT today

Offer staking rewards, liquidity, flexibility
with Kiln’s Validator NFT

Launch your Validator NFT today

Anatomy of Validator NFT

Example of metadata associated with a vNFT
  • Current ETH balance
  • Validator status
  • Historical performance (e.g. effectiveness, uptime, profitability)
  • Validator client (e.g. Prysm, Teku, Lighthouse)
  • Node operator (e.g. Kiln)
  • Hosting location (CH, FR, UK)
  • Hosting provider (e.g. AWS, Azure, OVH)


What is Kiln Validator NFT product?

Kiln Validator NFT is a staking solution for native Ethereum protocol staking in 32 ETH batches, but with the ability to generate a transferrable NFT that represents ownership and withdrawal credentials of the validator.

What are the main advantages of Kiln Validator NFT?

Representing a dedicated Ethereum validator as an NFT enables seamless transfer of ownership and withdrawal credentials. With Validator NFTs, users can easily access or enter native staking with a dedicated validator by buying or selling a Validator NFT.

What are the main risks of Kiln Validator NFT?

The primary risks associated with Ethereum staking include smart contract vulnerabilities, slashing, and downtime. Kiln addresses these risks through the implementation of strong anti-slashing strategies and monitoring processes, which have received endorsement from the Ethereum Foundation. Our smart contracts have undergone thorough audits conducted by reputable industry leaders such as Spearbit and the Ledger Donjon.

Since the launch of our first validators, Kiln has not encountered any slashing events, underscoring the efficacy of our anti-slashing strategies and our dedication to upholding the security and integrity of the staking process through best efforts.

Please also note that the availability and suitability of this product may vary across jurisdictions and may not be accessible or suitable for use in all regions.

What is Kiln's latest ETH staking performance?

You can download our Ethereum monthly performance reports on this page.

Has this product been audited?

Smart contracts have undergone comprehensive audits conducted by industry leaders such as Spearbit and the Ledger Donjon. Access reports and read more about our security practices here.