February 2023



How Kiln
protects you against slashing

Slashing refers to the process of penalising a validator for behaving improperly by destroying a portion of its stake.

It can occur based on 4 “slashable offences”:

  • By proposing more than one distinct block at the same height

  • By making two differing attestations for the same target checkpoint

  • By attesting to different head blocks, with the same source and target checkpoints

  • By making an attestation whose source and target votes “surround” those in another attestation from the same validator

Therefore Kiln defined and implemented multiple layers of anti-slashing protection to prevent it.

Endorsed by the Ethereum Foundation via a series of articles, our strategy is recognised as one of the most effective.

New protocols

our latest

We now support the following protocols: Aptos, Evmos, Injective, Kava, and Oasis.

This expanded offering enables users to stake their assets on a wider range of blockchain networks and earn rewards for participating in network security.

If you hold any asset from this list or wish to offer staking for them, reach out and we’ll help you through your staking journey.

Let’s meet


February / March

We are looking forward to meeting you in-person this year! We’ll start with European Blockchain Convention next week in Barcelona. Don’t hesitate to register to our private drinks on Thursday February, 16th hosted from 6.30PM with Flowdesk.

On the occasion of Paris Blockchain Week in March, we are cooking a series of special talks and panels at our office. Stay tuned!

Ethereum upgrade

is coming

The next Ethereum upgrade, called Shanghai, enabling withdrawals is scheduled for the end of March. This will be a major milestone for all stakers. But no one actually knows how this new feature will impact the ETH price.

  • Will there be more ETH staked?

  • What impact on ETH price, APR and rewards?

Participate in this quick, anonymous survey to figure it out!

Want to know more? Read our article about how Ethereum staking withdrawals will work.

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