July 2023


New partnerships

Fireblocks console supports ETH native staking powered by Kiln

Thanks to our new partnership, Fireblocks users can now stake their assets directly from their Fireblocks Vault accounts to Kiln validators. This integration includes an intuitive dashboard for seamless staking and rewards management.

We are honored that Fireblocks has chosen Kiln as one of its preferred partners, recognizing our prominent role in the Ethereum ecosystem as a long-term operator on the Ethereum Beacon Chain. Since Shapella, Kiln accounts for 13.5% of the net flow, making it the fastest-growing ETH node operator.

Having started with SOL staking, we now offer ETH native staking as well. Watch the demo to learn how you can stake ETH with Kiln directly from the Fireblocks Console:

Monitoring Tool

Open-sourcing our Ethereum Validator Watcher

Kiln's Ethereum Validator Watcher is now accessible to everyone!

This advanced tool allows stakers to monitor the Beacon Chain in real-time and receive notifications for significant events. These events include when validators are about to propose a block, miss a proposal, or miss an attestation. Additionally, this tool enhances functionality by providing alert notifications to Slack and exporting a variety of valuable metrics to Prometheus.

Recognized in the Ethereum ecosystem for our robust monitoring processes and adherence to best practices endorsed by the Ethereum Foundation, we are now making our enterprise-grade monitoring tool publicly available to all.

Product update

Kiln On-Chain:
Unveiling our latest product lineup

We are thrilled to announce the release of our latest update for the On-Chain product platform. Our solution ensures transparency, eliminates barriers, and offers a non-custodial approach for ETH staking with the largest range of products available, including:

  • Dedicated validators natively stake in batches of 32 ETH.

  • Validator NFTs enhance ownership transfer efficiency and increase liquidity.

  • Staking Pool enables staking of any amount of ETH.

  • Liquid Staking Pool empowers integrators to join or create pools, offering flexibility in selecting token models.

To discover the staking method that perfectly aligns with your requirements, be sure to consult our comprehensive staking guide.


Kiln “Rendez-vous” is back for EthCC

The upcoming edition of Kiln "Rendez-vous" is right around the corner!

Starting on July 17th, we are delighted to invite the Web3 community to a remarkable series of events. Brace yourself for insightful talks, engaging panels, and fantastic networking opportunities. Here's a sneak peek of the agenda. Ensure you book your tickets early, as capacity is limited!

🔹 Tuesday 18th, July:
Boat Party with Cryptio and Spearbit

If you haven't watched our new 1-minute video yet, I highly recommend it for a quick peek into Kiln's world.

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