December 2022


Series-A - announcement

An important milestone

Two weeks ago, we announced that we have completed a $17 million Series-A funding round, led by Illuminate Financial, with the participation of amazing investors. We are super excited to continue building the future of staking with them on our side.

We couldn't be more pleased with the coverage and the encouragement we got from the community. Such positive feedback definitely gives us confidence we are heading into the right direction!

New integration

Ethereum staking available on Enzyme

Enzyme is a transparent, non-custodial DeFi infrastructure purpose built to help manage crypto assets and interact with DeFi protocols. This integration will enable asset managers and financial institutions to:

  • Stake with a simple transfer transaction thanks to our audited smart contract.

  • Earn commission on rewards automatically.

  • Enable liquidity prior to withdrawal thanks to our exit queue system.


Latest events

Thanks to the Ledger team for inviting us to participate to their latest “Op3n”.

Since our roll out last month, we are thrilled to onboard new Ledger users every day.

Ledger Op3n, December 6 -7, Paris

Halborn AMA, Dec 1

Discover how Kiln helps provide automated Ethereum staking to non-custodial wallets, custodians, and institutions through its smart-contract based product.

We were also delighted to welcome the Golang Paris community in our office last week to discuss Blockchain and Go with builders.

Meetup Golang Paris, Nov 29, Paris

We wish you a great holiday season.

Thanks for reading,

Marie, Head of Marketing

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