September 2022


How is Kiln preparing for the Merge?

The Merge
is coming

Planned for mid-September (did you know that no one can predict the exact date?), the Ethereum Merge will finally mark the full transition to Proof-of-Stake!

As one the main Ethereum validators, Kiln actively participated in the reviewing process of all the different testnets to ensure the smoothest transition.

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What implications on staking rewards?

With more than 2% share of all ETH staked, Kiln already has a strong track record on Ethereum staking and this upgrade will continue to open up new possibilities as we are anticipating ETH staking rewards to rise as high as ~12%, mainly due to:

  • EVM transaction fees reward flowing from miners to stakers

  • MEV rewards, Kiln was the first node operator to deploy Flashbot’s MEV-Boost on ETH PoS!

Cardano, Axelar and Persistence are now live

New Protocols

Our core development team kept on adding new protocols.
This month new additions are Cardano, Axelar and Persistence.

Here is a brief summary of each one of them:

We will keep supporting additional protocols in the coming months.
If you ever have any special requests, don’t hesitate to let us know.

Meet us at Fireblocks Sparks 22 and DAS NYC


September / Barcelona & NYC

Want to meet us? Check out the upcoming events where we will be participating. We would love to chat about how staking can help your business.

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