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Ease of use: Kiln staking is directly embedded in Fireblocks UI, stake in a few clicks no matter your workflow requirements

Reporting features: Granular rewards data for reporting available via API to enable full reconciliation of staked accounts

Programmatic: One unified SDK which integrates seamlessly with Fireblocks Signing API & TAP

Stake all your PoS assets with Fireblocks in no time!

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0% staking fees for all new customers for the first 3 months*

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Having Kiln as part of our custody solution is a source of excitement for us. With the rising demand for staking post-Shanghai, we anticipate sustained growth, and thus, we saw the need to bring on board new partners such as Kiln to provide the best institutional staking services.

— Idan Ofrat, co-founder and CTO at Fireblocks

Transaction crafting API

The Kiln Transaction Crafting API enables you to craft staking and unstaking transactions from all major PoS protocols using a single, unified API which supports all validator providers. This enables you to speed up the delivery of your staking product across several chains.

The API also includes a bridge to your custodian, so that you can continue to sign transactions where your assets are secured.

The API is RESTful enabling you to query it from the language of your choice, we also provide JS and Python SDKs for convenience.

How to stake with Kiln and Fireblocks

Staking to Kiln via Fireblocks
  • Log in to your Fireblocks account
  • Click on the staking section in the left menu
  • Select the asset and amount you want to stake
  • Choose Kiln as staking provider
  • Click on the “Stake” button and that's it!
  • Visualize your rewards instantly after your delegation is confirmed on the blockchain through your Fireblocks dashboard

Discover, stake, organize and analyze in 1-click on all major PoS chains

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*Terms and Conditions for Kiln's Exclusive Offer

  • To benefit from Kiln's exclusive offer, you must be a new customer.
  • To qualify, you need to provide us with your contact details and commence staking before March 1st, 2024.
  • You are required to stake a minimum of 5,000 USD worth of assets.
  • Eligibility for 0% fees is applicable for a duration of 3 months from the commencement of staking