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Today, integrating new protocols for staking requires building custom staking / unstaking transactions for each individual protocol format, running data rewards collection infrastructure, and integrating custom custodian APIs. All these tasks take precious engineering time and involve expenses which are better spent on more strategic initiatives.

How does Kiln Connect solve these issues?

Transaction crafting API

One simple universal interface for staking/unstaking transactions on all PoS chains.

Rewards API

A unified rewards API used on all PoS chains.

Custodian API

One common interface to sign staking transactions on every protocol for all supported custodians.

Admin Dashboard

View, track and pilot all stakes in real-time.

How does it work?


This is what a custom staking transaction looks like to stake ATOM without Kiln Connect


Going through Kiln Connect the staking transaction is standardized for all protocols, becoming a single line of code


Validators are programmatically deployed and start earning rewards


The validators accumulate rewards, Kiln Connect logs the rewards/commission data for partner & end-users


Staking rewards data is collected for each user. Rewards and commissions flow to the users and Kiln partner custody solutions

Integrate protocols faster to offer staking on all PoS networks

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Benefit from the highest standards

Leverage an enterprise-grade staking infrastructure and deploy hundreds of validators with just one API call. Benefit from rewards guarantees, SLAs, and third-party slashing coverage.


Experiment with the simplicity of our tools

Offer staking on all major PoS protocols with a single SDK, removing the barrier of crafting custom staking and unstaking transactions for each protocol format.


Save time with our automation tools

Get consistent real-time rewards data & reportings across all protocols. Automate user rewards data and commissions.


Free yourself from all constraints

Interoperate with your existing custody solution or validator infrastructure APIs.

Ready to get started?

The unified staking SDK  for all chains

The Kiln team will introduce you to the best way of using the Kiln Connect range of features. It's the only solution to unify staking support for all major chains while managing rewards dispatching and data. In addition, thanks to our partnership with Nexus Mutual we cover you against any slashing. Simple and safe.

We’re thrilled to have Kiln join the Ledger Enterprise staking partner network. Now exchanges, custodians, and other financial institutions can maximize ETH staking rewards and benefit from the protection of Ledger’s battle-tested enterprise-grade security model.



What are the protocols supported by Kiln Connect?

Kiln Connect is available for Ethereum, Solana, Near, Polkadot, Cardano and the Cosmos Hub, with upcoming support for many additional protocols. Please visit this page of our documentation site for the latest.

How quickly can I set up Kiln Connect?

The Kiln Connect SDK is easy to use and provides a unified interface for all available protocols so that your engineering team can implement staking fast and without dealing with protocol specifics. An integration of 2 protocols usually takes one day of work.

Who are the main users of Kiln Connect?

Kiln Connect is made for any Web3 business that wants to stake programmatically or offer staking without wasting resources building in-house solutions. Our customers are mainly exchanges, wallets, and custody solutions.

What are the main advantages of Kiln Connect?

Kiln Connect saves time implementing staking and adding new protocols, it also removes the need for in-house infrastructure and software development. Kiln Connect offers a unique ready-to-use format for staking/ unstaking transactions for each protocol for your platform. It also retrieves rewards data and automatically handles commission and rewards dispatching.

What are the risks associated with Kiln Connect?

Kiln Connect leverages Kiln’s enterprise-grade infrastructure to deploy and run validators. Therefore the risks of being slashed or experiencing downtime are covered by our SLAs and third parties.

Which custody solutions are compatible with Kiln Connect?

Kiln Connect currently supports Fireblocks custody for clients with Raw Signing enabled and is working to onboard more custodians in the future.

Can I use my omnibus to handle Kiln Connect directly on my system?

Yes, Kiln Connect helps you organize your stakes in different folders, called Accounts, even if they come from the same wallet. This way, you can manage stakes per client easily.

In which programming languages is Kiln Connect SDK available?

Kiln Connect SDK is currently available in TypeScript/JavaScript, however, we can add support for other languages upon request. You can also query the underlying REST APIs from the language of your choice.

What’s Kiln’s staking track record?

Kiln manages $400M in staked assets on all major PoS chains, running approximately 2% of Ethereum validation with a 99.95% effective uptime and 0 slashing penalties experienced.

Kiln has also successfully passed the SOC2 Type 1 audit, available here.

Where Can I find Kiln Connect documentation?

Kiln Connect documentation can be found here.