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Enabling liquidity prior to withdrawal

Thanks to Kiln On-Chain’s exit queue system, some liquidity can be offered to users wishing to withdraw prior to withdrawals going live at the protocol level.


Earn commission on rewards automatically

This allows wallet providers to monetize ETH staking when they offer it to their users by taking a commission on the rewards.


Enable users to stake less than 32 ETH

Ethereum’s Proof-of-Stake consensus requires staking in batches of 32 ETH, excluding many holders from the benefits of staking or adding to the security of the network.


Stake with a simple transfer transaction

Avoid the whole complex staking process with Kiln On-Chain. Stake in one simple transaction thanks to our audited smart contract.

Smart-contracts audited by Halborn

How does it work?


Alice, Bob, and Carol each stake a different ETH amount, all under 32 ETH.


Alice, Bob, and Carol’s assets are pooled into a single 32 ETH batch, through the Kiln staking smart contract.


Each user is allocated a pool ownership percentage, calculated on their initial deposit.


The validator is deployed, and starts earning rewards which accumulate in Kiln’s withdrawal smart contract.


Alice initiates a withdrawal from Kiln’s withdrawal smart contract.


Alice gets her initial stake + rewards. Kiln’s partner, the staking integrator, receives its commission directly in its wallet.

Simplify ETH staking and automate rewards’ dispatch in less than 1 week

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Start staking with less than 32 ETH using Pooling


Kiln Pooling is our new pooling feature included in Kiln On-Chain.
Thanks to this new liquidity solution, your users can now stake any ETH amount and exit at any time.

Capital efficiency

Thanks to Kiln Pooling’s unique set of smart contracts, your users can stake any amount of ETH and not only multiples of 32.

Earn a commission on user rewards

Collecting a commission from non-custodial ETH staking can be problematic. Kiln On-Chain solves this problem by enforcing rewards collection at the smart contract level.

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Seamless on-chain staking on Ethereum

The Kiln team introduces you to the best way to stake Ethereum tokens. It is the only solution integrated at the smart-contract level. In addition, thanks to our partnership with Nexus Mutual, your funds are covered against slashing risks. Simple and safe.

We’re thrilled to have Kiln join the Ledger Enterprise staking partner network. Now exchanges, custodians, and other financial institutions can maximize ETH staking rewards and benefit from the protection of Ledger’s battle-tested enterprise-grade security model.



What is the main difference between on and off-chain?

“On-Chain” operations function through a blockchain network which makes them public and verifiable by design. In contrast, off-chain means operations are processed outside a blockchain network, therefore they may not be subject to open records and generally involve trusting third parties.

What protocols are supported through Kiln On-Chain?

Ethereum is the first protocol to be supported by Kiln On-Chain.

What are the main advantages of Kiln On-Chain?

Kiln On-Chain enables wallet providers to easily bootstrap and monetize a complete Ethereum staking offering for 32 or fewer ETH, including some rewards liquidity.

How quick can I set up Kiln On-Chain?

Kiln On-Chain is a turnkey product, it is ready to use with or without any front-end integration. It can be set up fast with a single engineer, the help of Kiln team, and its tooling.

Who are the main users of Kiln On-Chain?

Kiln On-Chain is mainly used by non-custodial platforms to enable trustless staking. With Kiln On-Chain they can offer staking to unidentified and pseudonymous customers while still ensuring collecting a commission from staking rewards.

Why is Kiln On-Chain the perfect tool for non-custodial  solutions?

Kiln On-Chain’s unique set of smart contracts enables a non-custodial solution for platforms to offer their users staking opportunities without compromising their staked funds or reward security and ensuring getting a commission from staking rewards.

Is Kiln On-Chain audited?

Kiln On-Chain smart-contracts have been audited by Halborn, Kiln also successfully passed a Soc2 Type 1 audit, both available here.