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Enterprise-grade Validators-as-a-Service on all PoS chains

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Enterprise-grade SERVICE

Benefit from the highest standards

Leverage Kiln’s enterprise-grade staking infrastructure and stake in 1-click. Benefit from rewards guarantees*, SLAs, and third-party slashing coverage.


Easily manage your users’ stakes and data

View all your users' stakes in real-time. Automate staking rewards distribution and commissions, with custom fees — providing all the necessary data with just a few clicks.


Support more protocols for staking

Kiln validators make additional protocol integration super easy and fast. Add any new supported PoS chain to your staking offering in less than 24 hours.

White-glove service

Deploy dedicated branded validators

Rely on Kiln to deploy and manage your dedicated validator in a few clicks and save resources, ensuring optimal uptime.


Multi-cloud and multi-region Kubernetes infrastructure

Kiln validators are strategically deployed across leading cloud platforms worldwide. Choose the cloud and deployment region that best fits your needs.

How does it work?


Select the protocols you want to offer staking for:


Integrate staking through Kiln products


Start receiving users’ stakes and generate rewards


Get real-time users staking and rewards data


Kiln automates rewards and commissions management

Support any PoS protocol in just one day and offer staking to your users

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Support any PoS protocol in just one day and offer staking to your users

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By working with Kiln we've been able to keep our focus on our core services and roadmap; their expertise allowed us to quickly leverage their staking solution for our needs
and that of clients.

— Benoît BOSC, GSR Global head of product


What is a ‘Validator-as-a-Service’ solution?

Professional blockchain infrastructure providers such as Kiln have dedicated teams with great expertise in building, and running validator infrastructure on different PoS networks. ‘Validator-as-a-Service’ products allow you to benefit from this experience, outsourcing validator management to a trusted platform and team like Kiln.

What are the main benefits of Kiln Validators?

Kiln Validators allow the outsourcing of your staking infrastructure and operations, leveraging Kiln’s enterprise-grade staking infrastructure and SLAs, making your GTM for staking much faster, on a breadth of protocols and with peace of mind...

What are the protocols supported by Kiln Validators?

Please visit this page for the current protocols coverage by Kiln Validators. We release more protocol support on a consistent basis.

How quickly can I set up Kiln Validators?

Upon meeting the requirements for deploying a dedicated validator, Kiln’s expert DevOps team will deploy your validator within 1-day.

Who are the main users of Kiln Validators?

The main users of Kiln Validators are usually large token holders who wish to benefit from optimal staking rewards by running their own dedicated nodes. They are generally market makers, funds, treasury managers, etc… Or institutions such as custodians that want to have a dedicated and branded validator on their chain of choice.

What are the risks associated with Kiln Validators?

Kiln Validators leverages Kiln’s enterprise-grade infrastructure to deploy and run validators. Therefore the risks of being slashed or experiencing downtime are covered by our SLAs and third parties such as Chainproof, Kiln's insurance provider.

Which custody solutions are compatible with Kiln Validators?

Kiln Validators currently supports Fireblocks custody for clients with Raw Signing enabled. The team is working to onboard more custodians in the future.

What’s Kiln’s staking track record?

Kiln's technology is programmatically staking over $1 billion in crypto assets, while running about 2% of Ethereum block validation with a 99.95% effective uptime and no instances of slashing penalties. Kiln has also passed the SOC2 Type 1 audit, which is available for review here.

Where can I find Kiln Validators documentation?

Kiln Validators documentation can be found here.

* Kiln guarantees 99% of all possible staking rewards over each one (1) year period starting from the moment the Customer has issued their staking transaction and it has been activated by the blockchain network.