EigenLayer restaking for LSTs is now live with Kiln’s clear-signing Ledger Live dApp

EigenLayer restaking for LSTs is now live with Kiln’s clear-signing Ledger Live dApp

We are delighted to announce support for Liquid Staking Token (LST) restaking on EigenLayer through Kiln’s Ledger Live dApp. This experience enables you to restake safely, without leaving Ledger Live and while benefiting from clear-signing, thanks to Kiln’s Ledger Nano plugin reviewed by Ledger’s security team. 

Start accumulating EigenLayer restaking points and future AVS rewards by depositing LST into EigenLayer pools through Kiln.

How to restake your Liquid Staking Tokens:

We’ve made the LST restaking process straightforward. Just follow these simple steps to restake LST in less than a minute:

  1. Navigate to the Kiln Ledger Live dApp in the discovery section.
  2. In the “Liquid restaking” tab, select the LST you hold and the amount you wish to restake.
  3. Accept the terms and conditions, click “Restake”, and confirm the transaction.

With the recent mainnet launch of EigenLayer, Kiln’s Ledger Live dApp users now have the option to delegate to the Kiln operator, which is running all major Actively Validated Services (AVS). By opting for Kiln’s AVSs strategy, Kiln’s Ledger Live dApp users benefit from more intuitive restaking portfolio management. 

You can track your total deposited amount and your restaked points under liquid restaking in the portfolio section.

💡 Enjoy a seamless signing experience when restaking with Ledger Live, a feature uniquely available through Kiln.

Available Liquid Staking Tokens for restaking include: 

  • stETH from Lido
  • rETH from Rocket Pool
  • cbETH from Coinbase
  • wBETH from Binance
  • osETH from Stakewise
  • swETH from Swell
  • ankrETH from Ankr
  • EthX from Stader
  • oETH from Origin ETH
  • sfrxETH from Frax
  • mETH from Mantle

Available AVSs include: 

  • Altlayer
  • Automata
  • Brevis
  • Dodo Chain
  • EigenDa
  • eoracle
  • Lagrange
  • Omni
  • OpenLayer
  • Witness Chain
  • Xterio

For more details, please visit our FAQs

A step back, what is EigenLayer?

Launched in June 2023, EigenLayer introduces a groundbreaking innovation to Ethereum: restaking. This allows users to utilise their staked ETH across multiple protocols beyond Ethereum. EigenLayer enables liquid staking tokens and staked ETH to contribute to crypto-economic security for protocols outside of Ethereum, bringing additional rewards and participating in slashing agreements within the EigenLayer protocol. EigenLayer offers now an opportunity to gather restaked points for airdrop exclusively for LST holders.

Looking ahead

After supporting LST staking through Ledger Live, we are now preparing to introduce native restaking (32+ETH) and integrate more AVSs in our restaking portfolio management. With no slashing for the EigenLayer M2 phase, we plan to run all major EigenLayer AVSs and share any airdrops with delegators.

We look forward to supporting customers wishing to restake and embark on their journey with EigenLayer! 

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