Introducing the open-source Ethereum validator explorer using Kiln Connect

Introducing the open-source Ethereum validator explorer using Kiln Connect

At Kiln, we live and breathe open-source tools daily and our commitment to giving back is unwavering. In this regard, we are excited to unveil, a cutting-edge open-source utility designed specifically for Ethereum stakers. serves as a user-friendly front-end interface for Kiln Connect, our all-in-one SDK for staking. This innovative tool empowers stakers to easily run queries about their validators providing a reliable source of information. Queries can be run based on validator index, public key, wallet addresses and proxies, providing a comprehensive, real-time overview of your staking infrastructure, all within your browser.

💡 To recap, Kiln Connect is an all-inclusive staking SDK that simplifies the intricacies of staking for Kiln customers. It encompasses a reporting API for real-time data monitoring, including rewards and validator performance. Additionally, it features a transactions crafting API to programmatically manage staking accounts and create staking/unstaking transactions.

The interface seamlessly supports both Ethereum mainnet and Goerli networks, with compatibility for the Holesky testnet arriving soon.

What can you do with

  • Stakes: Easily access information about any validator on the Beacon Chain
  • Rewards: Monitor validators' rewards, with MEV information
  • Operations: List all staking operations of a validator

When coupled with our open-sourced Ethereum Validator Watcher, becomes the perfect tool to manage and monitor your Ethereum validator infrastructure. It’s also a useful tool for backend and EVM developers to debug and deep-dive into stakes and staking rewards data. is open-sourced under MIT license so you can use it as you please:
Note that you will need a Kiln Connect API token to make your own version, feel free to contact us to get access.

Built with ❤️ by:

Learn more about Kiln Connect here and reach out to get started with our staking SDK.

About Kiln

Kiln is the leading enterprise-grade staking platform, enabling institutional customers to stake assets, and to whitelabel staking functionality into their offering. Kiln runs validators on all major PoS blockchains, with over $2.2 billion crypto assets being programmatically staked, and running over 3% of the Ethereum network on a multi-cloud, multi-region infrastructure. Kiln also provides a validator-agnostic suite of products for fully automated deployment of validators, and reporting and commission management, enabling custodians, wallets and exchanges to streamline staking operations across providers. Kiln is also SOC2 Type 2 certified.

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