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How Spot uses Kiln’s API to offer a mobile Solana staking experience

While a lot of progress has been made in protocols and in the DeFi space, crypto wallets’ UX remains a cumbersome experience. They often expose users to unnecessary risks and mistakes, especially for newcomers.

Spot‘s mission is to make crypto easier and safer for all users on multiple blockchains through their unique wallet.

to integrate Solana staking

Kiln and its white-labeled staking product was the best fit for Spot as a non-custodial and turnkey staking solution. It allowed us to offer staking to our users in a couple of days leveraging Kiln’s APIs. We are looking forward to continuing this partnership for more protocols.



Spot is a beautifully-designed non-custodial mobile wallet for Solana, Ethereum, bitcoin, Tezos and NFTs. Staking offers a natural and safe yield through a user’s allocation of funds to a staking smart contract on a Proof-of-Stake protocol. Because of the nature of staking, both securing a blockchain and offering returns, it is a popular choice among asset holders.

Spot wallet offers seamless staking to their users through an easy to integrate staking solution, without having to take on the burden of running and securing blockchain validators themselves.

Customer profile

  • White-labeled solution
  • Non-custodial crypto wallet
  • France
  • Making cryptocurrencies accessible to billions of people


Spot leverages Kiln’s platform to offer seamless Solana staking to their users:

  • Kiln manages the Solana validator that Spot users delegate to, and the Kiln Rewards API provides all balances and rewards for Spot to display to their users in the app.

  • Thanks to the Kiln API and documentation, it only took Spot engineering a few days to implement staking into the Spot app.

  • Kiln has a large team of engineers dedicated to deploying and monitoring thousands of validators on all the main PoS chains, and offering support for institutions and their customers.

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