Kiln and Ownest partner to offer Polygon staking to retail and institutional customers

Kiln and Ownest partner to offer Polygon staking to retail and institutional customers

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Ownest, a unique solution to track any kind of goods with NFTs, and who is a member of the Polygon Validator community since the testnet in 2019. This partnership will enable us to jointly offer the best Polygon staking experience to both retail and institutional customers. 

As part of this partnership, Kiln and Ownest will jointly manage the Polygon validator previously managed by Ownest. Kiln will focus on the infrastructure operations of the validator, with Ownest focusing on community and governance. To reflect this partnership, the validator will be rebranded  "Kiln x Ownest".  and the default fees will change. 

Both retail and institutional customers will be able to stake on this validator and benefit from Kiln’s enterprise-grade service. 

It’s a pleasure working with Quentin and the Ownest team who have been building in the space for a long time. We’re excited to partner together and deliver a great staking experience for the Polygon community”

– Ernest Oppetit, Kiln CPO 

We are thrilled to join forces with Kiln, who are already leaders in staking infrastructure, to bring the best staking experience to the Polygon community. Together, we will offer something truly unique and innovative to Polygon stakers.”

– Quentin de Beauchesne, Ownest MD

Here are the 3 reasons why you should stake your MATIC now: 

  1. Avoid protocol inflation and earn 6.78% staking rewards GRR* 
  2. Participate in protocol security 
  3. Invest in one of top performing protocols which recently reaches the top 10 Market Cap**

Staking MATIC is now available via Kiln Dashboard or Kiln Connect, our all-in-one SDK for staking.

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About Polygon
Polygon is a scaling platform aiming to bring more scalability and flexibility to Ethereum. The most known solution of Polygon is a sidechain named Matic, which is already offloading a lot of Ethereum layer-1's traffic by issuing transactions on that sister chain.

Polygon validators confirm the transactions on the Matic chain and regularly commit a checkpoint of the chain status on Ethereum, through a Staking mechanism.
Polygon offloads Ethereum layer-1’s traffic by issuing transactions on the sidechain. They are then confirmed through Polygon validators and on Ethereum through batched transactions. Find out more here

About Ownest

Ownest is a 5 year-old startup that has created a protocol using non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to track a wide variety of goods and assets. The company's main product is a SaaS solution that is able to reduce losses in the supply chain by 99%. This solution is already used by major corporations in France, including Saint Laurent, SNCF, and Cdiscount.

In addition to its existing product, Ownest is also expanding its protocol to a B2B2C solution for the transfer of NFTs. This solution will enable the transfer of both traditional digital NFTs and NFTs representing ownership or responsibility of goods. Its first iteration, Owalt, allows anyone to receive and transfer NFTs using just a phone number.

Ownest's solution relies on Polygon, and as such, the company has been a member of the Polygon Validator community since the testnet in 2019. Ownest is dedicated to supporting the growth and development of the Polygon network.

Source as of December 21 st, 2022:

* Staking Rewards, MATIC annualized rate before commission.

GRR stands for Gross Reward Rate, a term commonly used in staking. It represents the total rewards earned by staking participants before any fees or deductions are taken into account.

**Polygon Market Cap

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