Kiln is Interop’s exclusive staking technology provider on Cosmos-based blockchains

Kiln is Interop’s exclusive staking technology provider on Cosmos-based blockchains

We are thrilled to announce a new staking partnership with Interop, an early-stage venture fund. Interop’s involvement in the Interchain ecosystem goes beyond investing. They are also the organisers of Nebular, an Interchain developer conference taking place in Paris in July, and The Interop, a podcast exploring Cosmos and the Interchain ecosystem. Interop chose Kiln for safety and performance reasons to deploy and run its Cosmos-based blockchain validators and staking operations.

The Interchain (Internet of blockchains) ecosystem will benefit from this new joint staking proposal. It offers blockchains such as Juno, Evmos, Osmosis, and Quicksilver more security and decentralisation through validator diversity.

“As an extension of Interop’s involvement in the Interchain ecosystem, we are excited to join forces with Kiln as an enterprise-grade staking expert. This partnership allows retail and institutional customers to benefit from the best staking opportunities on Cosmos-based blockchains. I have personally followed the Kiln team for several years and have no doubt that they are best suited to manage our infrastructure.” — Sébastien Couture, Interop Co-Founder

While Kiln manages the validators' operations through enterprise-grade staking infrastructure, Interop focuses on community interactions and will take the lead on the protocol governance even on validators on which Kiln customers have delegation

More delegation opportunities for retail token holders and institutions to arise as a result. 

This partnership is an endorsement of Interop and Kiln’s support toward the Interchain ecosystem. In the near future, we will deploy more validators on Cosmos-based blockchains, both early-stage, and larger capitalisation and established protocols .

To start this partnership, we have already deployed validators on the Juno, Evmos, Osmosis, and Quicksilver blockchains. Discover more about our Interop branded validators in Kiln’s technical documentation

" We are very glad to become Interop's exclusive staking partner on Cosmos blockchains. Sébastien and Clément’s knowledge and involvement in the ecosystem will not only complement our enterprise-grade staking expertise but open up new opportunities for every stakeholder.” — Laszlo Szabo, Kiln CEO

As a venture fund, Interop will benefit from a painless enterprise-grade staking experience with embedded reporting features and state-of-the-art infrastructure setup and security.

Learn more about Kiln offerings for Treasury Managers

Here are the main reasons why you should stake your Cosmos-based and other PoS assets with Kiln: 

  1. Avoid protocol inflation and earn staking rewards
  2. Participate in protocols’ security, and governance
  3. Benefit from the most simple staking experience with Kiln’s suite of products

Staking for multiple Cosmos-based, and other PoS assets, is now available via Kiln Dashboard and Kiln Connect, our all-in-one SDK for staking.

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About the Cosmos Ecosystem

Cosmos is a decentralised network of independent and interoperable blockchains. It is designed to allow different blockchain systems to communicate with each other and exchange value in a secure and efficient way. 

One of the key features of Cosmos is its use of the Interchain Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol which allows different blockchains, such as Evmos, Osmosis and Quicksilver, to communicate and transfer value to each other through a standardised set of rules.

About Interop

“Interop is an early-stage venture fund specialising in blockchain primitives and protocols of the Interchain.”

Learn more about Interop, Nebular: The Interchain Builders Conference, and The Interop podcast.

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