Kiln On-Chain: The first Ethereum white-labeled staking solution 100% managed on-chain
Glenn Brown
Glenn Brown
Crypto 101
August 21, 2023

Kiln On-Chain: The first Ethereum white-labeled staking solution 100% managed on-chain

At Kiln, we democratize value creation in the Web3 ecosystem, guided by our core values that include decentralization, trust and transparency.

Today, we are thrilled to introduce the newest iteration of Kiln On-Chain. This advanced white-label staking technology platform brings together stakers, node operators and integrators (e.g. wallets, fintechs, on-chain asset managers, DAO treasuries) onto a single on-chain platform, to create a transparent ecosystem that benefits all participants.

Validator agnostic platform for integrators and node operators

At its core, Kiln On-Chain is a fully audited suite of smart contracts specifically designed to connect stakers, node operators and integrators.

Stakers are users that want to stake any amount of ETH with top-tier providers and benefit from the improved liquidity of a marketplace.

Operators are validator infrastructure providers, leveraging our platform as a staking "Operating System" to seamlessly integrate their validator infrastructure through smart contracts. This enables them to operate staking services built on top of this foundation, serving their existing clients and by expanding distribution through new integrators.

Integrators include wallets, on-chain asset managers, DAO treasuries, and fintech companies, that are typically looking to provide staking services to their users. Integrators enjoy complete control over the staking experience, including setting user fees and designing tailored UX and workflows, while keeping users and assets within their platform. On-chain commissions remove the need for external staking platform referrals and any off-chain invoicing processes.

Explore On-Chain staking services

Node Operators

Node operators own and operate non-custodial core services for the platform;

  • dedicated validators for staking batches of 32 ETH, and
  • pooling smart contracts that combines users' stakes to meet the 32 ETH deposit requirement.


Integrators compose and customize unique staking solutions that build upon the foundations laid by node operators. For instance, they can select preferred operators, establish commission structures and revenue sharing, control the complete user journey and seamlessly integrate into their native application workflows, and enable optional liquidity through various receipt token choices.


Dedicated validators: facilitates deposits of any multiple of 32 ETH for dedicated validators managed by Kiln or other node operators. Integrators can integrate with one or multiple operators and manage deposit balancing across them or offer users the choice.

Validator NFT (vNFT):  expanding on dedicated validators, the platform tokenizes each validator 1:1 via a Non-Fungible Token (NFT). This unique method simplifies validator ownership transfer between wallets, enhances composability and liquidity, and enables users to trade NFTs to optimize entry and exit processes. Each NFT can store metadata such as validator balance, historical performance, validator client, node operator, and location information.


Staking Pool: staking pools allow various stakers with flexible ETH amounts, to combine their stakes to collectively meet the 32 ETH threshold. Smart contracts manage validator activation and deactivation, while the operator oversees infrastructure. Rewards are distributed proportionally to participants' stakes, enhancing ownership value as the pool accumulates rewards.

Liquid Staking Pool: same as ‘staking pool’ except it allows integrators to create their own liquid staking tokens, which can be transferred between wallets and possibly used as collateral for DeFi protocols, while still earning staking rewards.

Reducing counterparty risk: integrator-operator relationships

At the integrator-operator level, On-Chain operates as a permissioned platform.

Integrators form partnerships with one or more operators to offer staking services to users, leveraging the staking infrastructure of each node operator. This approach helps integrators spread risk, offer choice to their users, and avoid vendor lock-in.

Operators can earn additional delegation volume by plugging into integrators that are onboarded onto the On-Chain platform.

Both parties can enhance security and reliability by partnering with established legal entities, implementing contracts and service agreements. These risk mitigation measures are not commonly available when working with decentralized DAOs or permissionless platforms. For example, integrators enjoy the flexibility to partner with operators based on factors like validator performance, SLAs, remedies, contractual terms, and insurance coverage. This allows them to negotiate fees and contracts that align with these attributes.

Programmatic management: integrator and operator smart contracts

On-Chain's modularity ensures consistent technical interfaces for both integrators and operators, so collaboration between multiple integrators and operators becomes almost effortless.

Integrator and operator smart contracts orchestrate the process programmatically: deposit management, staking operations, reward distribution, user position management, optional liquid staking token and NFT minting and burning, withdrawals and unstaking, and streamlined commission handling - all in a publicly auditable way through on-chain activity.

Fees and commissions are programmatically handled by the smart contracts, eliminating the need for off-chain invoicing, manual rebates, and additional operational overhead.

After onboarding and connecting their validator infrastructure, operators enabling new integrators to work with their smart contracts can be as simple as whitelisting the new integrator contract. For the integrators, it can be as simple as adding an additional pool to the integrator contract.


We are really proud to introduce latest iteration of Kiln On-Chain. This white-label staking platform brings together stakers, node operators, and integrators into a unified on-chain ecosystem.

Integrators in particular play a pivotal role, shaping and customizing unique staking solutions on top of the foundation laid by node operators. This adaptability extends to choosing preferred operators, custom user fee structure, and seamless integration into their native applications. On-chain commissions simplify processes, eliminating the need for external referrals and off-chain operational complexities.

We are thrilled to be actively onboarding some of the most prominent names in the industry to our platform, who will help us democratize the value creation of Web3 to everyone via staking.

Stay tuned for forthcoming announcements, which will be shared on our website, across our social media channels and detailed in our blog.

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