ROSE staking is now available for institutions powered by Kiln

ROSE staking is now available for institutions powered by Kiln

Kiln is now providing the Oasis network infrastructure to our institutional customers and anyone who wants to delegate their ROSE to our validators. You can earn rewards on this trusted and secure platform through Kiln.

Today, we are excited to announce we have integrated the Oasis network to offer institutional staking to our clients, deepening our involvement in this ecosystem to help accelerate ROSE’s adoption with institutions.

We offer a full suite of products enabling our institutional customers to stake ROSE, and to white-label ROSE’s staking functionality into their offerings. Our platform is API-first and enables fully automated validators, rewards, data and commission management.

Kiln has a solid history of excellence in staking services and node operation. We deploy and manage thousands of validators with the highest security standards thanks to our recognized monitoring strategy.

The Kiln Connect API returns essential rewards data and reporting of ROSE stakes and rewards in real-time. With Kiln Connect your clients also receive automated rewards with dispatched commissions through a simplified, user-friendly interface.

What is ROSE? Why stake your ROSE as an institution?

ROSE is the native utility token of the Oasis system and is used for staking and delegation, as well as network transactions. Oasis Network is a layer-1 blockchain that's designed to function as a privacy-preserving platform. Its multi-layered architecture consists of a consensus layer and a ParaTime layer where anyone can develop and build their own Paratimes, which run and can process transactions in parallel, to meet the needs of a specific application or use-case.

Staking generates the safest and most predictable yields in the crypto space. With Oasis staking, users lock ROSE to fund a validator. This helps secure the chain by proposing new blocks and attesting other validators’ blocks, earning them a yield in the process.

Why choose institutional Rose staking with Kiln?

Our team of engineers and crypto experts have worked for years to develop a name as top node operator. With consistent uptime and zero recorded slashing incidents, Kiln offers a fully equipped suite of staking tools for our institutional partners that are monitored for total reliability.

Through our years of dependable and consistent work in enterprise-grade staking, the Oasis Network was glad to welcome Kiln as a new validator.

‘Kiln is pleased to announce our continued commitment and developing relationship with the Oasis network. We hope to bring enterprise-grade staking opportunities to all our corporate partners for the best experience and most secure infrastructure available in the market today.’  — Laszlo Szabo, Co-founder and CEO of Kiln

Kiln offers industry leading SLAs with a guaranteed rewards rate of 99% and slashing coverage. This is particularly important as in order to be eligible for staking rewards per epoch, a node would need to sign 75% of blocks.

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