The most secure ETH staking for enterprises is now available on Ledger, powered by Kiln.

The most secure ETH staking for enterprises is now available on Ledger, powered by Kiln.

We are thrilled to join Ledger Enterprise's staking partner network to empower organizations to participate in the digital asset ecosystem securely and at scale. 

The Ledger and Kiln’s team have worked together to create the most secure ETH staking solution available in the market.

By integrating Kiln’s on-chain ETH staking product, Ledger Enterprise customers holding ETH can now stake in a couple of clicks and benefit from fully automated reward management, while keeping custody of their funds.

The ETH staking opportunity

Staking is the act of participating in the security of a proof of stake blockchain (by helping validate transactions and proposing blocks) and earning a yield for doing so. It is often seen as the most natural yield of crypto. 

Ethereum is the largest smart-contract blockchain by market cap and developer activity. However, only about 21.97% of the ETH supply is currently staked, in contrast with 50-80% on other PoS blockchains. 

With Ethereum’s recent successful transition to a Proof of Stake consensus (“The Merge”) this aspect of the protocol’s development has been significantly de-risked and we expect a large influx of customers wishing to stake ETH. 

Ledger's top priority is to create easy-to-use solutions for the market without compromising our best-in-class security model. In partnership with Kiln, Ledger is now offering a seamless ETH staking product at the enterprise-grade standard its customers have come to expect.

“We’re thrilled to have Kiln join the Ledger Enterprise staking partner network. Now exchanges, custodians, and other financial institutions can maximize ETH staking rewards and benefit from the protection of Ledger’s battle-tested enterprise-grade security model. With this partnership, the most secure ETH staking for enterprises is now available.”

– Alex Zinder, Global Head of Ledger Enterprise

The solution: seamless on-chain staking 

Ledger Enterprise clients can now stake ETH  in just a few clicks:

What happens behind the scenes? 

  1. ETH is deposited into a tailor-made staking smart contract deployed by Kiln and audited by Halborn and the Ledger security team
  2. This smart contract issues a deposit into the Beacon Chain deposit contract, linking the user’s funds to a validator for each 32 ETH deposit
  3. Validators are automatically spun up in the Kiln infrastructure 
  4. Validators perform attestations and block proposals on the Beacon Chain, and earn rewards for the end-customers

When customers wish to withdraw, they do so with a click from the dapp, and Kiln’s commission is automatically levied on-chain by a smart contract.

Why stake with Kiln?

  • We have over $2b of Ethereum stake under management, with a top-tier track record (never penalised, never slashed) 
  • Our product is non-custodial, we never see or require access to your private keys
  • We offer an uptime guarantee SLA, we guarantee we will return you 99% of the network-average APR of ETH staking
  • We are SOC2 Type 1 certified 
  • Our smart contracts are fully audited by Halborn 

“Our mission at Kiln is to make ETH staking seamless and secure for everyone. We are grateful to the Ledger team for approaching us in 2021 to work together on the ETH staking project. This integration will allow Ledger’s institutional users worldwide to secure the Ethereum network and be rewarded for it.”

– Laszlo Szabo, CEO at Kiln

How to stake your ETH on Ledger Enterprise

  1. Contact to receive an Order Form
  2. Login to your Ledger Enterprise
  3. Go to the dApps catalogue
  4. Select Kiln in the catalogue to open the Kiln dashboard
  5. Choose the amount of ETH you want to stake (it must be a multiple of 32ETH) 
  6. Click on the “Stake” button and that's it!
  7. Visualise your rewards directly using Kiln dashboard 

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