Hyperlane: Connecting applications across multiple chains

Hyperlane: Connecting applications across multiple chains

Take a look at the newest episode of the Kiln Restaking Rendez-Vous podcast! In this episode, Edgar Roth from Kiln and Ben Rodriguez from Coinbase Cloud chat with Jon Kol, the Co-founder and CEO of Hyperlane, about the Hyperlane AVS.

Exploring Hyperlane

In this episode of Kiln Restaking Rendez-vous, John shares his journey into blockchain and how he started working on Hyperlane. He explains the concept of Hyperlane as an AVS and its role in enabling interoperability between different chains. Jon discusses the learnings from running Hyperlane for two years and the evolution of the protocol. He also talks about the phases and timelines of Hyperlane, as well as the revenue models and operator requirements. 

The conversation explores the topics of shared security and economic risk in the context of multiple AVSs. It also discusses the competition and collaboration in the interoperability market and the potential fragmentation of the market.

Hyperlane, the interoperability layer that enables you to permissionless connect any blockchain

Hyperlane is like a bridge that lets smart contract builders easily share data between different blockchains. With Hyperlane, developers can transfer tokens, perform actions, and do much more to build apps that work across different blockchains, so users from any blockchain can access them.

At the heart of Hyperlane's functionality lies the concept of "mailboxes" smart contracts designed to serve as on-chain communication channels. These mailboxes offer a standardized and secure messaging interface for sending and receiving interchain messages. 

Through these smart contracts, users can efficiently communicate across different blockchains, fostering interoperability and expanding the possibilities for decentralized applications.

Looking forward to Hyperlane’s launch

The Hyperlane AVS will be launching in two phases: In the first phase, restakers will be able to secure outbound messages from Ethereum. In the second phase, restakers will be able to secure outbound messages from rollups. Thanks to EigenLayer's incentives more actors will be convinced to secure rollups sequencers which will enhance the security and finality of these rollups. 

The initial phase is set to debut in April, around the same time as or slightly after EigenLayer's launch. However, the timing of the second phase depends on the market interest in securing rollups.

Watch or listen to this episode now! Stay tuned for our future episodes, where we'll feature more projects from the EigenLayer & AVS ecosystem in the weeks ahead.

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