Explore our latest Kiln Rendez-Vous: EigenLayer AVS Edition - a weekly interview series to delve into the AVSs world with ecosystem builders.
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What is restaking?

Restaking enables the use of an existing stake to contribute to securing additional services on EigenLayer, knows as Actively Validated Services (AVS). Through restaking, stakers can earn additional rewards on top of their existing ones.

Explore our first interview in our AVS Series, showcasing Sreeram Kannan, CEO and Co-founder at EigenLayer!
Highlights of the podcast
The importance of collaboration in crypto
What's an AVS?
EigenDA and launching an AVS
The future of the EigenLayer ecosystem
Differences between Bitcoin and Ethereum staking

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Restaking Club

In the fast-evolving world of restaking, making informed decisions is paramount for success.

To navigate this ecosystem, restaking participants and observers need reliable tools that provide insights, trends, and data-driven perspectives on this industry.

Restaking Club is the explorer chosen by restakers, AVSs and operators to monitor the ecosystem growth from protocols to operators and AVSs.

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