Blockless: enabling complex applications in Web3 with decentralized trust computing

Blockless: enabling complex applications in Web3 with decentralized trust computing

Check out the latest episode of the Kiln Restaking Rendez-Vous podcast! In this episode, Edgar Roth and Loïc Titren from Kiln have a conversation with Michael Chen, the Co-founder of Blockless, discussing the Blockless AVS.

Uncovering Blockless

In this episode, Edgar and Loïc sit down with Michael, Co-founder of Blockless, to explore their decentralized computing platform. Michael elucidates that Blockless aims to empower the creation of sophisticated applications in Web3 while upholding security and trustworthiness. They delve into Blockless's inception and the synergy among its co-founders. Michael highlights the diverse range of applications feasible on Blockless, such as AI-driven self-evolving games and community-driven edge inference networks.

They further examine the economic security and incentives for platform operators. Wrapping up, they ponder the future trajectory of the Blockless ecosystem and suggest avenues to delve deeper into the project.

Deploying complex Web3 applications on Blockless

Blockless introduces a new way of building complex Web3 applications. By utilizing specialized networks tailored for specific tasks and leveraging blockchain technology for authentication and value transfer, Blockless ensures robustness while preserving decentralization.

The platform's neutrality across various blockchain infrastructures allows applications to operate efficiently without being limited by specific network constraints. Apps developed by the Blockless community and designed to work seamlessly across different blockchain networks, enhancing both security and performance.

With the integration of technologies like WASM, Blockless offers a streamlined environment for executing complex applications with optimal efficiency. Additionally, Blockless prioritizes fault tolerance and distributed orchestration, ensuring the uninterrupted operation of applications even in challenging circumstances.

Preparing for testnet launch and project collaborations

The Blockless pre-testnet campaign was released early in week 11 of 2024, and they're preparing to launch the testnet in the upcoming weeks. Their timeline suggests that the testnet phase should conclude in late Q2 or early Q3, followed by the mainnet going live. 

Several projects are lined up to utilize Blockless upon its launch. Among them are AI applications, which are in high demand within the Web3 community. Additionally, gaming companies are looking to collaborate with Blockless to develop AI-powered self-evolving games. These games generate their content using machine learning models, leveraging users' resources while they play the game. 

Furthermore, some projects are interested in developing community-powered edge inference applications, and there's also a focus on local-first processing of federated learning projects.

Watch or listen to this episode now! Stay tuned for more upcoming episodes, where we'll continue to feature a range of projects within the EigenLayer & AVS ecosystem in the weeks to come.

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