Kiln joins Alluvial to build Ethereum liquid staking

Kiln joins Alluvial to build Ethereum liquid staking

Kiln is developing the Ethereum Liquid Staking protocol for Alluvial, in collaboration with Figment!

Alluvial is an enterprise-grade liquid staking standard with support from Coinbase Cloud and other industry-leading operators. This standard will help bridge capital from institutions to Proof of Stake blockchains, increasing the security necessary for the web3 economy to grow.

Over the past 6 months, we have been developing this protocol alongside Figment. While our companies have some competing products, there was a mutual understanding that an enterprise liquid staking protocol needs to be close collaboration among multiple players from day one. We discovered that our companies have a strong cultural alignment and that our teams are naturally compatible. Shared protocol expertise, with Figment leading back-end development, and Kiln leading smart contract development.

You can read more about our involvement in the project over on the Alluvial website, where a Q&A with our team was just published.

We’re delighted to be contributing to this protocol and to team up with Alluvial, Figment and Coinbase to build a multi-chain liquid staking solution. We can’t wait to deploy it to mainnet!

Thanks for reading,

Laszlo, CEO of Kiln

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