Kiln is behind the first enterprise-grade liquid staking protocol

Kiln is behind the first enterprise-grade liquid staking protocol

Kiln is proud to announce our part in Liquid Collective. Liquid Collective is the first enterprise-grade multi-chain liquid staking protocol from Alluvial, alongside Web3 leaders such as Kraken and Coinbase Cloud.

As an enterprise-grade staking service, Kiln is perfectly aligned with Liquid Collective’s mission to bridge institutions with liquid staking. Kiln CEO, Laszlo Szabo has said on the special needs of institutions:

“We believe liquid staking is a natural primitive on top of staking, unlocking liquidity and collateral use for staked positions. However, we understand from speaking to Kiln’s institutional client base that their compliance and security needs are not met in the current liquid staking market. We also understand the importance of thriving competition at this layer of the Ethereum ecosystem. For these reasons we are thrilled to be bringing Liquid Collective to market”

– Laszlo Szabo, CEO at Kiln

In addition to being an Alluvial founding member this year, Kiln’s team contributed highly to this launch by building the technical solution behind the ETH liquid staking standard. Kiln’s experts developed a set of smart contracts and softwares designed specifically to answer Liquid Collective’s customers’ future needs.

To ensure the highest standards, the smart contracts developed by Kiln for Liquid Collective were successfully audited by Halborn.

“Developing the Liquid Collective protocol has called on all parts of the Kiln engineering team: smart-contract development, backend services, validator operations, and protocol expertise. We have also received expert reviews from our auditors at Halborn. We’re delighted with the outcome, and look forward to stewarding Liquid Collective for years to come.”

– Ernest Oppetit, CPO at Kiln

Want to know more about enterprise-grade liquid staking? 

Join Thursday 9/22 panel at 4 PM ET, hosted at Messari Mainnet or visit the Liquid Collective website

About Liquid Collective

Liquid Collective is the trusted and secure liquid staking standard: a protocol with multi-chain capabilities, designed to meet the needs of institutions, built and run by a collective of leading Web3 teams. Liquid Collective is stewarded by an independent industry consortium, which includes The Liquid Foundation, Alluvial, Coinbase Cloud, Figment, Kiln, Staked, and other Web3 industry participants. Liquid Collective will be governed in a decentralized manner by a broad and dispersed community of industry participants.  

About Kiln

Kiln is the leading enterprise-grade staking platform, enabling institutional customers to stake assets, and to whitelabel staking functionality into their offering. Our platform is API-first and enables fully automated validators, rewards, data and commission management.

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